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Monday, March 28th, 2011

That’s a new coffee table and a new chair. Let’s just get that out of the way.

Well, technically it’s a pair of new chairs, but I can only fit one in the tiny oddly laid out den. Everyone made it quite clear (and I concurred) that the new chesterfield destroyed the Eames lounger and mushed its face into the cement. This I knew when I brought in the chester amd I really wanted something to replace Mr. 670 with something like a Milo Baughman rocker (which surprisingly Emily just used on SFAS for Joy’s place and I was CRAZY JEALOUS). Since I don’t have a gazillion dollars to buy a Baughman, I went the old ebay route to look for something loosely “inspired by” and stumbled on this pair of cantilevered chrome tubular sling chairs. It had the wide 1970’s loungy vibe I was hoping for, so I made a ‘best offer’ which totally low balled the seller therefore I assumed it’d get rejected – but then they surprisingly accepted. Suddenly sh*t got real and I was obligated to arrange for local pick-up in Los Angeles, which turned into a bit of a disaster, but that’s another dumb story and blah blah blah.

Here’s the other half of the chair pair. Look at that nasty and ugly brown town upholstery. Blech.

But…I’m getting this thing redone. Navy. Leather. Sling. Or perhaps heavy duty canvas?

No cushions, no fussy crap, just a simple sling attached to the cantilever frame. Modern it up and make it super duper sex-a-fied.

Then there’s this beast. It’s new, it’s driftwood, it came from a stuffy antique store and was cheap-o until I discovered it was also an additional 40% off which means super SOLD to me. Even though, I have an army of these type of tables, none are driftwood or lightweight or have an awesome shaped top.

I love the shape of the glass but I HATE glass coffee table tops in high use areas. My big plan is to have a piece of marble cut in the same shape and size as the glass and make a crazy Saarinen tulip coffee table driftwood hybrid that I assure you, will rock your entire head off once it’s all done. At least, that’s the plan, but we all know that sometimes plans go awry.

We finally hung the Bumling lamp that I bought a long while ago off Stephanie. It totally still needs a diffuser, but those crazy Euro mm are freaking me out. I’m not quite sure what size I need.

I also need a new floating media unit to  mount under our TV. Been thinking a lot about Anna’s fauxdenza and modifying the idea to be longer and leaner and have sliding media doors. Check back in a few years, because that project is like at the bottom of my huge list.

Ines Colmorgen + André Wyst. So moody. So cool. I bet they eat fancy cheese plates and smell exquisite.

Completely still in love with the Prouvé Potence Lamp. Going to have some sweet stuff to show you soon. Let’s just say, I would like something like this to add to the den as I continue to shift and change things up and I may actually be able to…


This is my little quick mock-up of the changes I’d like to make for DEN 2011.

+ Larger Gray/White cowhide rug. Good lord I’ve been searching for an affordable one for forever.
+ Marble coffee table top.
+ Navy leather and chrome sling chair.
+ Smallish Danish cabinet instead of the tension rod shelving unit
+ Potence-ish light
+ Horizontal modernist stain painting? Frankenthaler or Rothko? HA! YEAH RIGHT – but I do know how to oil paint.
+ BM Bear Creek paint? Maybe stop fighting the wainscoting and just go for it? Still considering…
+ The elusive fiddle leaf fig tree or a giant cactus?
+ Accessories, but dudes, that can wait.

Still a long ways to go with the den, but I see where it wants to be. More sophisticated for sure, but also a place to be comfy and eat dinner – yeah, we are coffee table eaters most of the time – so classy. I also spend about 80% of my day hanging out in here, either working at the computer or watching Deadwood so it needs to stop making my brain ache with what I don’t like.


Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Still have the chesterfield sofa. It’s safe for now.

But I did recently thrift this giant ceramic lamp to balance out all the brown. Also, I feel like it must be known that all giant studio pottery lamps are the shiz and I cannot be dissuaded from this belief.

Oops, just noticed my book is upside down. IGNORE ME.

Also picked up this wacko still life painting that has now replaced the Navajo rug in the guest bedroom. So fresh, so clean – except for the painting kind of looks like it could give you gonorrhea.

Gonorrhea in a good way? Mmmmmhmmmm.

Brown Town

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Maybe it’s been made obvious over these past few years, but I have a lil’ bit of a sofa problem. Just a wee little problem. You know, just a small, minuscule, tiny, insignificant issue with obtaining sofas. No big thang. No real worries. No extremism. Nothing to call a specialist about. No deep rooted psychological pathologies.

Shut up.

I’m blaming The Boy…kind of. He and his less than design enthused friends have complained over and over that the sofas I buy are too low or too hard or too uncomfortable or too mid century or too whatever. In the comfy television watching den this debate has raged on and on while they sipped crappy beers and watched Nascar. Yes – NASCAR. In my home. The nerve.

Sharing my long unrequited love for chesterfields – Summer found the perfect little petite sofa and begrudgingly emailed it to me. I thought nothing could be more Boy pleasing than a deeply comfy and broken-in vintage chesterfield to sit on while watching manly things on the tube. He has yet to really wax lovingly about my thoughtful gift, but has taken the time to remark, “No more goddamn sofas. Aren’t you tired of moving sofas?”. NEVER.

The den is shifting into all brown town and getting a bit more masculine than I’d like. Now I just need some new art and new pillows and a new shelving unit and a new light and a new chair. Just a whole new room, no biggie.

Bowie likes it a whole bunch and he’s adorable, so therefore by the bylaws of adorable transference the sofa is now legally adorable. I called Iggy into the room to take some photos and add to the adorableness quotient, but once he rounded the corner and saw the camera and Bowie, he briefly sized up the situation and then turned heel and hopped back into bed to continue his nap. Iggy ain’t having none of our crap anymore. I don’t know how any of them put up with me.