March 28th, 2011

That’s a new coffee table and a new chair. Let’s just get that out of the way.

Well, technically it’s a pair of new chairs, but I can only fit one in the tiny oddly laid out den. Everyone made it quite clear (and I concurred) that the new chesterfield destroyed the Eames lounger and mushed its face into the cement. This I knew when I brought in the chester amd I really wanted something to replace Mr. 670 with something like a Milo Baughman rocker (which surprisingly Emily just used on SFAS for Joy’s place and I was CRAZY JEALOUS). Since I don’t have a gazillion dollars to buy a Baughman, I went the old ebay route to look for something loosely “inspired by” and stumbled on this pair of cantilevered chrome tubular sling chairs. It had the wide 1970’s loungy vibe I was hoping for, so I made a ‘best offer’ which totally low balled the seller therefore I assumed it’d get rejected – but then they surprisingly accepted. Suddenly sh*t got real and I was obligated to arrange for local pick-up in Los Angeles, which turned into a bit of a disaster, but that’s another dumb story and blah blah blah.

Here’s the other half of the chair pair. Look at that nasty and ugly brown town upholstery. Blech.

But…I’m getting this thing redone. Navy. Leather. Sling. Or perhaps heavy duty canvas?

No cushions, no fussy crap, just a simple sling attached to the cantilever frame. Modern it up and make it super duper sex-a-fied.

Then there’s this beast. It’s new, it’s driftwood, it came from a stuffy antique store and was cheap-o until I discovered it was also an additional 40% off which means super SOLD to me. Even though, I have an army of these type of tables, none are driftwood or lightweight or have an awesome shaped top.

I love the shape of the glass but I HATE glass coffee table tops in high use areas. My big plan is to have a piece of marble cut in the same shape and size as the glass and make a crazy Saarinen tulip coffee table driftwood hybrid that I assure you, will rock your entire head off once it’s all done. At least, that’s the plan, but we all know that sometimes plans go awry.

We finally hung the Bumling lamp that I bought a long while ago off Stephanie. It totally still needs a diffuser, but those crazy Euro mm are freaking me out. I’m not quite sure what size I need.

I also need a new floating media unit to  mount under our TV. Been thinking a lot about Anna’s fauxdenza and modifying the idea to be longer and leaner and have sliding media doors. Check back in a few years, because that project is like at the bottom of my huge list.

Ines Colmorgen + André Wyst. So moody. So cool. I bet they eat fancy cheese plates and smell exquisite.

Completely still in love with the Prouvé Potence Lamp. Going to have some sweet stuff to show you soon. Let’s just say, I would like something like this to add to the den as I continue to shift and change things up and I may actually be able to…


This is my little quick mock-up of the changes I’d like to make for DEN 2011.

+ Larger Gray/White cowhide rug. Good lord I’ve been searching for an affordable one for forever.
+ Marble coffee table top.
+ Navy leather and chrome sling chair.
+ Smallish Danish cabinet instead of the tension rod shelving unit
+ Potence-ish light
+ Horizontal modernist stain painting? Frankenthaler or Rothko? HA! YEAH RIGHT – but I do know how to oil paint.
+ BM Bear Creek paint? Maybe stop fighting the wainscoting and just go for it? Still considering…
+ The elusive fiddle leaf fig tree or a giant cactus?
+ Accessories, but dudes, that can wait.

Still a long ways to go with the den, but I see where it wants to be. More sophisticated for sure, but also a place to be comfy and eat dinner – yeah, we are coffee table eaters most of the time – so classy. I also spend about 80% of my day hanging out in here, either working at the computer or watching Deadwood so it needs to stop making my brain ache with what I don’t like.

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  1. Mamaholt on 03/28/2011:

    Deadwood – the best fucking thing to happen to potty mouth TV watchers, EVER. I can’t wait for a few years to go by so I can watch it all over again. Cocksucker.
    Oh, love everything new too, as always. I love the ugly brown tweed shit…totally understated…very Mike Brady.

  2. The brick house on 03/28/2011:

    Cocksucker! I’m terrified of the show ending. Been dragging it out, and about mid second season.

  3. Adam on 03/28/2011:

    pls diy prouvé potence lamp…

  4. victoria on 03/28/2011:

    deadwood was one worthwhile mother f’ing show ever, plus canned peaches. potty mouthed is how i came to trust my shakespeare, that and my hot sherriff tim olyphant.

    now i just get fill of him on justified.

  5. Jamie on 03/28/2011:

    I would try ebay for the gray cowhide – that’s where I got mine! And if somebody would figure out how to build a DIY Prouve Potence…

  6. danielle on 03/28/2011:

    that chester is freakin sexy. i was craving one before but now i really am and instead am buying distressed leather bags because that’s all i can afford. maybe i can make a couch out of them.

    umm octagonal shaped glass is awesome. marble sounds even better, i really hope you make that happen.

    the prove potence can maybe be diy’ed out of pipes like the shelf unit? plus the local welders/welding workshop. i don’t know, i’m just guessing and am way too lazy to try it for myself.

    not to gush too much but really you’ve made me bust out all the ceramic/pottery vases my bf had before we met and i’m like “hey you, can i turn you into a lamp?” this is good brainwashing and he’s happy to not have them hidden anymore.

    along with the pottymouth it makes for an entertaining awesome blog. thanks.

  7. Jules on 03/28/2011:

    I agree with Jamie. There’s a store with cowhides from Argentina on ebay and I’ve always thought the prices were good. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until I am there this summer and see what I can find and how much it will cost to bring it on the plane or mail it back home.

  8. The brick house on 03/28/2011:

    I’ve looked on eBay pretty extensively for years…

    The grey big ones are so $$$, like $200-$300 or more. I’m so cheap, I keep hoping for something to pop up on craigslist or somehow fall in my lap.

  9. Jules on 03/28/2011:

    Oh, that’s right. You have the $100 rule. Yeah, everything I have seen is around $200. Well, maybe we’ll both luck out if I go to Buenos Aires this summer.

  10. Niklas on 03/28/2011:

    Love your blog!
    Just happens to be that I’m a crazy European guy so mm is the language I speak ;). To convert to inches you can just enter it into Google (you probable already have this figured out, but anyways…). Just type ???mm in inches and magically you get the answer:
    190mm in inches gives 7.48031496 inches.
    I bet you could DIY the sh*t out of Prouve Potence!

  11. Loren on 03/28/2011:

    I has always loved (read: been crazy jealous of) your den. But this is my favorite iteration yet. The new chairs are gorgeous.

  12. L on 03/28/2011:

    Chezzie+navy leather sling+grey anything = AWEsome!

    And if anyone can find (create, deal) a bargain Rothko, that would be you.

    signed, Greenly Jealous.

  13. Florian on 03/28/2011:

    And somehow… it works again. Maybe it’s just, that sofa and the chair never really got on together (with having the faced mushed into the cement and all…). I’m still not a great fan of the chesterfield but I sort of understand the appeal. But man, you gotta give that thing some room to breathe! Why is it all huddled up to the window? It’s a bold piece of furniture, let it stretch it’s elbows.

    Love those chromium chairs. So light, simple, relaxed. Where did the Eames go? Are you going to sell it? I second Niklas. You built an entire shelving unit from scratch, that little lamp can hardly be a challenge for your amazing DIY prowess.

    Judging from the fotos (which is always tricky) I’d say you need the 40 cm (=400 mm) diffuser. If you compare to paper sizes 190 mm that’s less than the short edge of the letter or legal paper format, 250 mm is about an inch shorter than the long edge of a letter format and 400 mm is about 1.5 inches shorter than the long edge of a ledger format. Does that help? 40 cm is also the usual distance between a seat of a chair and the ground. Any help? At all? Seriously, just use an internet converter.

    Ooooh. Fancy-schmancy Berlin-Mitte people selling overpriced clothes for children. And the former underground graffiti artist today wears a silk scarf under his shirt collar. Lovely flat though, but Torstraße, that is one loud (and not very pretty) street, which would explain the ugly plastic windows. I sound bitter. Probably I’m just jealous. It IS a lovely flat.

  14. Ashley on 03/28/2011:

    Please hack a Prouvé Lamp. I need one, cheap. And navy leather for your new chair?! Awesome.

  15. mike on 03/28/2011:

    these damn cowhides haunt me everyday, and when i do find one for a decent price it’s either a dairy cow or a dinky 2×3. i mean really, what kind of cow produces a 2×3 cowhide, aren’t there small cow labor slaughter laws against producing such emabarrasing sized hides.

  16. ALICE IN DESIGNLAND on 03/28/2011:

    A Prouve Potence DIY would be awesome….considering even the knockoff runs a few hundred 🙁

  17. Samara@ metalista jewelry on 03/28/2011:

    I love the sculpture-ness of the giant cactus. I miss the old chair but I think the chrome adds alot.

  18. erin@designcrisis on 03/28/2011:

    Deadwood is fucking awesome. Best ever.

    Whatever else you do, I fully support painting a lil bit darker (esp if you don’t get tons o’ light in the den) and embracing the wainscoting. It will look great. Pinky swear.

  19. maya on 03/28/2011:

    1. navy canvas, safari style, but different!!!!
    gray walls navy canvas brown leather, grey hide and marble yummy!

  20. The brick house on 03/28/2011:

    Btw, the sofa is in the corner because that is literally the only space it can fit. The other side of the room is a desk and there are three entrances that can’t be blocked – so it’s shaped like a long narrow L. It’s an awful laid out space and causes lots of furniture layout problems.

  21. Loving the proposed changes. Especially the artwork. Sooooo pretty. I’d love to see what you whip up.

  22. molly on 03/28/2011:

    I actually really like the brown cushions on the chair. Unless they are stinky. It looks cozy, and the sheepskin even cozier.

  23. Megan on 03/28/2011:

    Um, I pretty much love your den! Can I move in with you?
    I like the glass, because you can see the wood, but agree that it is hard in high traffic areas. What about concrete rather than marble? I can’t wait to see what the changes look like!

  24. Tamoto on 03/28/2011:

    driftwood table is the poo. im going to start checking out antique stores now,after all thrift stores are obviously all smoking crack when they price their furniture nowadays.grey walls would be nice too.idea-sell some stuff and break your $100 rule and find one of those rockers–you need one.

  25. my little apartment on 03/28/2011:

    YES!! see you lusted after my yellow chairs and BOOM, you found some that are similar and possibly radder. they’re gonna look amazing when recovered and I’m already jealous that you’re totally going to recover yours before I recover mine.

    and I gotta say it…I just can’t get down with that pouf. I like it…but w/the Chesterfield and the burl, it just feels like a lotta brown-town.

    but you will figure it all out. you always do.

  26. LZ on 03/28/2011: has heavy duty canvas (navy too) for $6/yd = milo/safari hybrid. love what you are doing – as always!

  27. LZ on 03/28/2011:
  28. amanda on 03/28/2011:

    LOVE the new chair! I like that shit the way it is.

  29. Paslit on 03/28/2011:

    Been looking for a chair like that since I can’t afford an original Paulistano armchair.

    BTW, I’m not liking the hanging lamp. I bet it will be out from the den in no time.

  30. VelocityJohn on 03/28/2011:

    The ottoman. That amazing, leather, rectagular ottoman. How much would you sell it for? You know it would go to a good home. You just know it. And don’t you need an excuse to go find a new one? Please? Pretty puhleese?

  31. LouisVI on 03/28/2011:

    Another BROWN thing in the house.

  32. The brick house on 03/28/2011:

    John! Finally someone gets how effing awesome that thing is!!! It’s amazing.

    Louis, good thing I went on and on about how it’s going blue…

  33. FROM THE RIGHT BANK on 03/28/2011:

    Looking good, Morgan! I’m so coveting your chesterfield. (How can I have so many couches and none of them be a chesterfield?) Loving your crushed-velvet-into-orange-togo/chesterfiled piece too. It’s too good.

  34. Rebekah on 03/28/2011:

    The fiddle leaf fig is elusive in London as well, can’t find one for love nor money. For you US dwellers, however, if you don’t mind growing it to your preferred size, it seems that amazon is offering starter plants (quick, 9 left in stock).

    Love that lamp!

  35. Rebekah on 03/28/2011:

    PS – Florian, there’s nothing but jealousy for ANY Berlin flat, as far as I’m concerned..

  36. Chelsea on 03/28/2011:

    Ugh, I feel you on the awkward room layout. We have a weird shaped living room with a fireplace in the corner which really messes up my mojo. We sort of knew it would be a problem since our dining table is also in the living room, but now it makes my brain hurt.

    On a happier topic, right after reading this post today, I stopped into World Market for some refreshments and saw a gray hide draped over a table. I didn’t check the price, but I think they’re usually only a hundred bones or so. I didn’t seem to find them online though…highly suspect.

  37. Chelsea on 03/28/2011:

    ps – I feel like I’ve seen the fiddle fig in nurseries around my parts, but if I actually TRY looking for one I’ll bet they’ve evaporated. My dad used to have them around like crazy when I was a kid…that and tilandsias and now it feels like I can’t find them to save my freakin life.

  38. Denise on 03/28/2011:

    I think your idea to paint the walls and wainscoting gray will give your den the modern vibe (hue wise) it deserves. White wainscoting translates too cottage for your style. Gray walls, a navy chair, warm woods and one amazing chesterfield make for a winning combination.

  39. Alex on 03/29/2011:

    Weird shaped rooms are tough, I have a nook corner that I can never get right. So as of now there is nothing there but a doggie pee pad =)

  40. Lunaluna on 03/29/2011:

    Ines Colmorgen – “wish we could find a flatscreen that would fit between those windows, I’m fed up looking at those flowers”
    André Wyst – “maybe if we hung it sideways?…”

  41. Brandon @ Tonshouse on 03/29/2011:

    OMG I agree on the cowhide. I have searched and searched. I wish there were some good faux options too. Not only do I not want to spend the money, I also don’t know how I feel about having a cow on my floor just because I like the look. They look soooo good though!

  42. Brandon @ Tonshouse on 03/29/2011:

    Oh and there is a Prouve Potence DIY out there. Logan’s stuff is awesome…

  43. Tim Young on 03/29/2011:

    About the floating credenza, I’m in the middle of building some sliding door units for an incomplete CSS unit that I picked up. I think the concept could be modified to do a floating credenza. I’m using 1/4 and 3/4 MDF and doing something really simple, which is how the Nelson stuff was anyway. I’ve found a source for the aluminum sliding door tracks which I’m planning to order this week and found the sliding door pulls at Home Depot. Anyway, send me an email when you’re thinking of starting on yours and I’ll show you what I came up with.

  44. Florian on 03/29/2011:

    I have the Berlin flat thing down perfectly, I would just love SOMEONE (other than me) to redo my walls, which are nobbly, and the floor which is down to nearly nothing after more than 110 years of sanding and can’t be redone, and the kitchen, which needs to be rewired entirely (as does the rest of the place) and have the plumbing overhauled, and free the ceiling plaster form layers and layers of paint – and while someone is at it could he also please do all the moving of furniture and cleaning up afterwards while I’m busy with smelling exquisite and eating my fancy cheese plates?

    Those fiddle leaf trees are easy to come by here, though. I had to take care of one once and to look nice they need some attention. They like just the right amount of water and light and to have the leaves nice and shiny they have to be softly and carefully washed with just a little hint of detergent, some recommend wiping with beer. On the plus side: you can have some beer while wiping the plant with it.

  45. Jeannette on 03/29/2011:

    I like the Eames better in your den. I also think the sofa would look great in your living room where you could see the beauty of it from all sides.
    Man I wish I could find a coffee table like that one! I suppose I need to invest the time you do and perhaps one day….Have you considered an oval for the top? No hard corners to walk into?
    Haven’t seen the show – do you know when it airs up here in the great white north?

  46. Katie M on 03/29/2011:

    Love your blog, so much so that I wanted to share it with others, so I’ve done a post on you on my blog! I hope this is ok, check it out for yourself!

  47. bianca of terri planty on 03/29/2011:

    ooh. i can’t wait to see that new chair with some navy on it. sexy stuff! i love that you can’t stop changing things.

  48. allison on 03/29/2011:

    The chairs are the perfect scale for the room with all the rest of the furniture in it. Love the Eames lounger chair but it was a bit disproportionate in the room. Good job!!

  49. Suzy8track on 03/30/2011:

    I’m digging this set up! I think the new chair balances nicely with the chesterfield. I’m warming up to that sofa now.

  50. Heather on 03/30/2011:

    Driftwood and marble? Can’t wait to see that combination!

  51. anne on 03/30/2011:

    that ottoman looks so good with the chair chair now. Driftwood and marble sounds like a very unique combination. I am looking forward to see the results

  52. jonathan on 03/30/2011:

    I love the chesterman and the driftwood would look quite spectacular with a rectangular marble top. Can’t say the same about the chair though. Doing it in leather may be a good idea if the leather fits the sofa and the ottoman. But the shape of the the chair is quite ordinary and not exactly a mcm iconic piece so maybe a bruer chair would do.

  53. Tonia on 03/31/2011:

    I’m digging the ‘new’ chair.

  54. Sarah on 03/31/2011:

    Someone obsessed with driftwood *would* love “Deadwood.” To this day I still think about those characters like they were people I actually knew.

  55. Maria on 03/31/2011:

    I noticed that you bought a pair of the tubular frame chairs…did you do anything with the other one? Because I’m interested in buying it, if you would be interested in selling it
    🙂 Please let me know!

  56. THE BRICK HOUSE on 04/01/2011:

    I have the other one, one day I may be selling them, some day.

  57. Ckampy on 04/01/2011:

    any idea what the lovely purpley-grey-meets-brown paint color is in the decidedly enviable Berlin Flat?

  58. Süsk on 04/02/2011:

    Suffering from a mean case of Chesterfield Envy here. Could that thing *be* any sexier? Phwooooooooooar!

  59. Klaus on 04/07/2011:

    I love the minimalist style, but the walls need some artwork, IMHO. I would use a single large piece – for example, this shot by Raymond St. Arnaud. It’s different enough from the rest to catch the eye, but it still blends. Just my $.02 😉

  60. cassie on 04/07/2011:

    Someone was selling the same pair of chairs in Thousand Oaks on CL, and I begged my fiance’ for them, but he hated them, oh well. It would be crazy if they were the same pair.

  61. scott on 04/08/2011:

    Are you pretty definite about the BM Bear Creek paint? I’m trying to match it. I love that room. so comfortable!

  62. st on 04/08/2011:

    what color of white is that in your living area? is that pure white? flat? keep up the good work!

  63. Sara on 04/26/2011:

    hi. love what you are doing. the bumling, however, would be happier lower somewhere else in the room, over the desk or something. Whether you ‘swag’ it over there I don’t know. With a big white cord. ?. That doesn’t resolve the issue of an overall overhead light in the room, but do you need one?

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