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Hot seat

Friday, June 13th, 2008

Oh yeah. New toilet seat.

BEFORE (actually way before without, floors or molding) and AFTER (its still without caulk and paint, but whatever I’m busy, who’s asking?)

I’ve been having some trouble finding a pink toilet seat to match my old pink toilet. I stopped by ACE Hardware and unexpectedly ran into this pink beauty.

Well I just noticed you can buy this Mayfair pink toilet seat on the website for around $10 and I paid $16 in store. What a rip off – well I guess if you count shipping and waiting – its OK.

A small detail, but it makes a world of difference. Now if only I can find pink bolt covers…

Custom chair action

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

I got this vintage gold mid century chair yesterday and loved its retro shape – especially the flared armrests. I kind of hate the fabric, but don’t have the time or money to reupholster it, and the fabric is in pretty good shape.

Iggy loves it. Every new chair I bring home he claims for a few days and then loses interest.
The bottom skirt kind of gave the chair a seventies vibe I wasn’t digging. It had wonderful mid century peg legs underneath, so I decided to remove the skirt and give the chair a cleaner look.

First I cut off the skirt leaving a few inches of fabric to pull underneath and staple to the bottom frame.

I used an electric staple gun to staple the leftover fabric to the bottom of the chair. It was really easy, just pull it tight and staple.

The legs unscrewed so I pulled them off, cut around the base for the legs and then screwed the legs back on top of the leftover fabric to finish off the corners.

So this is the final result! I like it a lot better and the shape of the chair really stands out now.
Maybe one day I’ll get it reupholstered, but for now $20 and 20 minutes of stapling really worked out well.

Gold Chair before….and Gold Chair after. What a sassy little minx.


Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Some before and after action of the desk:

I changed the hardware on the desk this week. Goodbye ugly brass with paint and yuckie stuff, hello brushed aluminum pulls.

Still not loving the desk. Or those cords….

(Old hardware, & new hardware)

Progress on the closet in the master bedroom. Here’s how it looked when we first did the inspection…memories…BAD memories…

Some progress:

I also bought house numbers (I’m so unoriginal) they are Neutra Face. I splurged and got them on a recent trip to Palm Springs. I did spend some money on them, but less than what they go for online – it still hurt a bit. I LOVE them so much – it was worth it (and they look SOOOOO good).

I think we will install them after we paint the house. So they are waiting patiently in the bar area.

This is the exterior light on the back porch, theres a matching one on the front porch as well. Yuck.
More globe pendants to replace these? More FADO perhaps!