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The Longest Wall – well, if you think 108" is long

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

To the left as you enter the front door of the Brick House there is this long wall leading to the hallway and den. The wall is punctuated by a now defunct floor heater on the right side and needs about 30 inches of clearance on the left for the front door to swing open. So between were the door opens and the heater is there is 108 in. of blank nothingness…

*Sorry this is about the best I could get picture wise…its a small house…and I’m kind of lazy.

This above wall is in the living room and directly opposite the fireplace:

The crude diagram is what I imagine my floating shelves flanking the fireplace will eventually look like – well except less wobbly and turquoise. I want 3 shelves on either side that are 57 in. long by 11 in. deep. There is currently no space designated for books anywhere in the house (and one day I’d like to pull my book collection out of boxes).

I had thought of building a set of floor to ceiling Hungarian Bookshelves on the blank 108 in. wall, but I’m nervous it would be overwhelming and tight right when you entered the front door.

Here are my thoughts and inspiration for that area:
(images via: Apartment Therapy)

I like this open low wall unit shelf thing (here is a detail). I could probably build that pretty easily and cheaply and then be able to hang art above the shelf and use it as a landing strip…

I like these shelves, maybe I could build a shorter version…

I also like this idea of taking Ikea kitchen cabinets and making a low storage unit…

Hmmmmmmm, I just don’t know. I think it will come down to cost and ease of construction…

ENJE roller shades

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

The Brick House has a hodge-podge of random window coverings throughout. Most of the windows are uncovered and this unfortunately turns my neighbors into unwitting voyeurs. I bought one ENJE roller shade from Ikea to test out on our den window.

Here it is getting ready for install. The cheapo vinyl “wood” blind came with the house, and I’ve been desperate to tear it down.

Before and After.

I like it well enough, but there do need to be curtains… speaking of…

*Before and after – without the ugggglllly blinds.

I took down the blinds in dining room and hung some sheers. I like how the light filters in, now they just need to be washed…

Towel OFF

Monday, June 30th, 2008

In the pink bathroom (our main bathroom) there was only one usable towel rod. It totally sucked and it seems that a small hand towel was the only thing that could fit.

Here are the holes…I forgot to document the stupid thing before I tore it off the wall. It was glorious to tear it down.

Since there was only that one usable towel rod in the entire bathroom – the Boy loved to hang his towel on the shower curtain rod. This small thing over months and months drove me totally f*ing nuts…below is the offending towel…

I would like to install vintage acrylic or glass towel rods to go with the glass handles I plan to use on the vanity. I haven’t found any vintage towel rods I’m in love with (or can afford) so I bought these $3 “budget” towel bars at ACE Hardware in a fit of rage.

They are ugly and cheap, but at least the towel isn’t blocking the shower curtain from closing now. I was SO FREAKING tired of wiping up shower time over spray…

Yup. This is about the only project I’ve done recently…its a little uninspiring. There was a lot more beer around than pictured.

BEFORE – with towel blockage – and AFTER with a fully closed shower curtain! Hooray!