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Touching base

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Looks like we got ourselves a little project a-brewing!

I sold the old dining room tulip chairs in order to fund the purchase of six brand spanking new Eiffel bases. I picked them up today and couldn’t be happier.

I found a well priced source via ebay that was AMAZINGLY located just about an hour away from The Brick House. Instead of paying for shipping I just drove over and picked up a set of six black Eiffel bases. They sellers seem like a nice small business that manufactures all sorts of different styles of Eames bases including a selection of wide mounts, rockers, cats cradle and other bent wire based furniture products.

The WEIRDEST thing was that this Ebay seller was located right across the street from my family’s recently defunct boat business. *SPOOKY*

At least I got to stop by and say hello to my mom.

This set is going to be so f*ing awesome.

A little wet sanding, shock mount repositioning and Penetrol rub down and we should be in business.


Posting will probably be very lite round the old Brick House bloggity. Buying chair bases is how I just spent my one day off of work this week…and I’ve had 3 days off (total) since June.


I’m getting crazy withdrawal from not visiting any thrift stores in over a month. When is September coming again? Oh man, this is going to be a lllllloooooonnnnggggg summer.

Dining Chairs

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Well, this is just never going to work.

Thats why I need six black Eiffel bases.
Like so:

For the sexiness.

They should be here next Tuesday…fingers crossed…


Monday, June 22nd, 2009

A couple of lovely house guests gave me this pair of horse head bookends as a thank you for the awesome hospitality at the Brick House. The ceramic glaze was a bit sloppy (and not so aesthetically pleasing) but I liked the shape and I LOVE bookends.

I was a bit antsy and dissatisfied after a day of gravel and cement paver scouting. I was itching for an easy project….and there was leftover spray paint.


They ran into my delicious glossy black spray.

I swear.

Ahhhhhhhh. Fabulous.