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Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

The new bookcase doors are pretty much complete. We painted them with a high gloss white enamel and stained the handles a nice walnut.

Everything looks a bit naked, especially with the sad state of the butterfly chairs.

Now feel free to tell me how horrified you are at how we closed up those shelves. Even The Boy says he liked it better before…

It is a hell of a lot less dusty and I can hide all sorts of shiz. Of course the whole room is in need of being styled up a bit.

I was also thinking that now all the ugly electronic stuff could be hidden in the shelves. Like ugly radio units or cable boxes – you know – whatever. There are electrical plugs inside the cabinets and ways to hide the cables if someone desperately wanted to put a television above the fireplace. Which undoubtedly the next owners probably will do.

Just open the doors to use whatever electronics your heart desires and close them up to hide all the ugly away. The Boy will be happy that our ugly as crap stereo can now go in the living room.

So what is in store for the other side of the living room? There is a tiny wee hint in the above pic. We are trying hard to finish it up…its been such a huge pain in the ass.


Monday, August 31st, 2009

Remember this big nasty hole? Probably not.

I f*cking do. Its been my secret shame in the den for almost two years.

Fuck yeah! We patched it up goooood.

Ahhhhhh. Sweet sweet victory.


Saturday, August 29th, 2009

We custom made some handles for the controversial bookcase doors of internet doom.

Whatever. I’m in love with them…

They are still NOT finished. So pretty please hold off on telling me how bad they look for a little while longer. I’ll finish them up…a little paint, a little stain…and a whole brand new open shelving unit on the opposite wall…

Iggy enjoys the new doors and he’s super cute and has excellent taste.

Oh, and I got my butterfly chair covers off ebay. They were WAY WAY WAY too small. Like weirdly tiny, even though the measurements in the description should have fit. The hunt continues as they get returned.