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Tuesday, June 16th, 2009


Less ghetto.

We are almost finished priming the house. ALMOST.

Its been about three months of just patching and priming…we haven’t started putting the real exterior paint on. I think in about a year we will have the house mostly painted.

I worked today weeding, patching and priming the big front planter. I’m trying to decide on how to landscape the newly cleaned up beauty. I think we are putting gravel or river rock as a base and then possibly barrel cactus / agave / flax (I really don’t know what yet) in a really modern repetitive line. I dream of a wall of papyrus or maybe a nicely trimmed horsetail reed wall…but those SUCK UP water like crazy, so they are a no no. I saw some AWESOME kangaroo paw at the nursery that I definitely want to go somewhere…they may be an option.

We should probably build the horizontal cedar privacy screen on the front porch and finish painting before breaking out the live plants that would most likely die from neglect and weeds.

So I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath to see greenery. We can’t seem to finish anything lately. *Remember the pink bathroom? Oh yeah, that project is pretty much stalled indefinitely. Poop.

I’m going to change this blog to The Ghetto House.

Living room

Friday, June 5th, 2009

I used one of the cowhides I bought from craigslist to replace the Ikea Stockholm Rand Rug I had in the living room. I was thinking of using a kilim, but the organic shape of the hide is nice and the neutral color is less overwhelming than the graphic Rand Rug.

The living room still needs some work:

– New leather sling for butterfly chair
– Reupholster orange lounge
– Roller shades for two front windows
– Front door hardware
– Ace Hotel inspired shelving unit on the back wall
– Art
– Make the bookshelves pretty (doors maybe?)
– Aesthetically stacked firewood.
– Fix stupid ghetto cable coming out of the floor.

The list will probably keep growing…

Forget all that “work” that needs to be done. Right now this is whats totally inspiring my living room.

Check out Kitka Design. John and Juli have such great style and I’m super jealous of their amazing vintage collection. Their space is always so well edited and stays very modern with all their amazing vintage pieces.

I’m aspiring to go for a more sleek, eclectic and elegant style. Now the giant challenge is to quell the kitschy bit of my personality that gets really excited about truly horrible crap at thrift stores. (Art collection, I’m looking at you.)

Musical chairs

Friday, June 5th, 2009

I moved the pair of Bertoia diamond chairs from the living room into the master bedroom to modern things up a bit…well and because they got pushed out of the living room by the new butterfly chair and orange lounger.

The Bertoia diamond chairs replaced this pair of Brown Jordan chairs. So, to keep track…the bedroom before is above with the more regency style chairs.

Then the Brown Jordan faux bamboo chairs ended up moving to the kitchen breakfast bar to replace the Bertoia side chairs

Which then had to be moved out to the patio…

So to recap, a little diagram:

Living room—-Bertoia Diamond—Bedroom—Jordan Brown Faux Bamboo—Kitchen—-Bertoia Side—-Patio

Wow that was lame! And for another equally lame recap:

I have many chairs and only one butt. (-/ = chair, 3 = butt)

-/ -/ -/ -/ -/ -/ > 3

I’m just super addicted to chairs – its like crack. I gotta get my fix.