December 15th, 2009

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I picked up this 1960’s pastel portrait drawing for $5 at the local Angel View Thrift and threw it in a cheap Target frame (whose reflective Plexiglas makes it difficult to photograph. Damn you cheap frame). The original frame was pretty busted up and couldn’t be salvaged.

How sassy is she in her black fur coat and blond helmet?

I installed her in the pink bathroom so that she can judgmentally stare at you over the toilet. It’s the worst for boys…

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  1. Fat Cat on 12/15/2009:

    Oh wow, très chic ! She looks fantastic in your pink bathroom. Very glamorous.
    Hey, so the orchid is still alive ?

  2. maya on 12/15/2009:

    oh man!!!
    they just come to you, don't they!
    see you soooooooon!!!!

  3. Anonymous on 12/15/2009:

    This is my favorite portrait from your collection. She's fabu.

  4. Sarah on 12/15/2009:

    I recently picked up an old oil portrait of this amazing bitch.

  5. wool and misc on 12/15/2009:

    AMAZING FIND!! Love her.

  6. Kristine on 12/15/2009:

    That's awesome and hilarious! I was thinking she looks like a b**ch before I even read your post. Over the toilet is a perfect place for her!!

  7. suzanne on 12/15/2009:

    she looks just like a bus driver I had in elementary school.

  8. paula on 12/15/2009:

    Isn't she quite chic. looks great next to the orchid too.

  9. eve on 12/15/2009:

    Can I ask you about your floating shelf? I don't see any brackets, and it is so much better than the ikea version with the big lip… how is yours mounted?


  10. THE BRICK HOUSE on 12/16/2009:

    eve – we custom made it.


    it actually spans the whole length of the bathroom and has a support piece underneath the bottom back edge that runs along the wall. Make sense? I don't know – it's two pieces of wood…

  11. Mrs. Limestone on 12/16/2009:

    Oh I love it!! What a score.

  12. Anonymous on 12/19/2009:

    She looks like Tammy Wynette.

  13. Airika on 12/19/2009:

    omg I love her! I'm so jealous.

  14. internet therapy on 12/23/2009:

    It's like she's looking at me no matter where I am. Kinda creepy.

  15. Babs McGee on 12/25/2009:

    be careful with plexi on pastel! it can actually lift the pastel off the paper because of the static! looks fabulous though!!!

  16. The Rural Modernist on 12/28/2009:

    She's glamour personified! Just discovered your blog on the Homies. Love it!

  17. Curator on 01/21/2011:

    She fits in your fab pink Deco bathroom, like a foot in a Jimmy Choo!

  18. Alissa on 05/10/2016:

    Never get rid of the pink and black!!! It is classic and adorable and reminds everyone of their grandmother so ripping it out would be like shoving aside granny and all her sweet goodness!

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