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Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

I just couldn’t take the open bookcases anymore. I’m a retarded maniac – I know I know.

Carpenter Craig and The Boy got enlisted to install some simple finished plywood doors. How cute are they? Go awkward teamwork!

The doors still need some more finish work and I’m thinking they need some handles. Like so.


But with way less pink and more raw wood.

The other open shelving project in the living room is moving along slowly as well. Plus I think I figured out a place for the big yellow lamp…ch-ch-changes.


Friday, July 31st, 2009

The dining room hutch vignette got some updating in honor of the freshly installed dining room chairs.

I pulled together some of my vintage ceramic collection comprised of muted tones to play off the parchment color of the Eames chairs, the warm teak of the dining table/hutch and amber tones of the vintage Danish ceiling light.

The dining room is now very monochromatic and pulled together in a minimalist style that I’m usually not very comfortable with…like neutral and rustic or something. Those words would have NEVER described my design sensibilities in my head – but I hope that it all turned out looking surprisingly sophisticated.

I’m not a huge fan of taupe, beige or the typically ascribed go-to safe neutral colors, but recently I’ve been digging a more subtle and minimal pallet. I’d still love to find a GIANT Bumling light in red or some bold color to really make a big impact above the table.

I’m dubbing the dining room: AKA Brown Town. For now…till it changes again, as it always does.

Oh god, I just went back in the archives to see what the dining room used to look like when we first moved in. Yuck, what a hot mess.

The BIG Eames reveal

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Yes. A million times YES.


My set of six parchment Eames chairs are finally restored! From school chair to dining, they are my dream dining set fully realized.

In terms of cost the entire restoration project ran about $500. Yikes.

I bought:

-Six black reproduction Eiffel bases (the big ticket item!)
-Wet and dry sandpaper
-JB Kwick Weld epoxy
-Small hand sander.

The actual Eames chairs were a free find (Thanks Maya!) and needed a lot of labor to restore them. Totally worth the itchy fiberglass.

I sold my old dining set of six tulip chairs in order to fund the project and couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out.