July 6th, 2011

Stuck at home alone with temperatures hitting the 100’s over the long holiday weekend, I went super stir crazy and fussed with the more temperate areas inside the house that had been suffering from months of neglect. The living and dining room were functioning as wayward storage rooms for all the extra homeless bits and pieces of art and lighting and crappity crap that somehow accumulates when laziness wins. The living room has suffered the worst cluttering as my new “shipping zone”, since packing furniture outside is an exercise in bikram yoga and tears.

Things were a mess and still are. Deaccessioning more stuff is still a requirement. Hello Craigslist! Hello smaller stuff in the shop!

I did clean up everything, vignette, adjust and add a few pieces here and there, although, really, nothing major has changed.

This little Tapiovaara chair is a lonely floater from a recent acquisition of a few Finish chairs. I love the shape and construction and it’s simple shaker aesthetic.

Of course it’s also where I make guests sit if they’ve been naughty.

Still need a new wall hanging for above the fireplace. Please please please – world – throw me a brutalist bone.

Fresh and clean and adjusted.

Still need to come up with a solution for the big back wall to replace the old pipe shelving unit. Have a few ideas brewing, just about zero to no motivation. I am considering adding some sort of desk type thing with storage, because sharing one desk between two heavy desk users? Not so fun anymore.

Hey. I need a another small house just to decorate and work on. By the beach…or a lake…or a storm drain. Somewhere cooler. Those are supposed to be cheap – almost free, right?


June 30th, 2011

Knocked down all the knee-high weeds but everything is still a horrid mess.

Being full on freaky for furniture, I wanted to check out how the table looked in the side yard (and at least free up some storage space). I kind of feel like it might be too nice to leave out here…but maybe that’s all the ghetto looking surroundings working their magical guilt.

The ground is super uneven and it’ll definitely be a long time before that final “look” is achieved. We still have a bunch of stuff to do to get this area looking and functioning like that fancy virtually landscaped yard.

Wait? But what things?!

Things like this:


+ Rototill soil
+ Level/grade dirt
+ Drip irrigation
+ Plumb/filter pool
+ Run electrical
+ Weed barrier
+ Weld metal edging
+ Decomposed granite
+ Concrete paver walkway
+ Stain/seal fence
+ Plants
+ Tree
+ Lighting

Look at that beat up table top. This thing was ridden hard and put away wet. The teak will do well outdoors though.

I’ve got a ghetto tarp covering up the table to protect it from the harsh sun for now, but it still needs a nice weather resistant cover to keep it from getting too abused. At least I know rain won’t be an issue. Thank you wicked dry desert climate!


In other unrelated thoughts and boring stuff:

I’ve been working on the show with Laure again, as well as tirelessly on the shop and other sneaky ventures. Summer time means that it’s 8,000 degrees in the desert and working on the house is a physically torturous and sweaty nightmare. Admittedly, I’ve been phoning shit in around this old blog as of late, but in all honesty, I just got nothing. No great ideas, no fun content, no big projects I can share. I’m exhausted and totally uninspired and the house is a disaster pit that I just awkwardly walk around while trying to ignore random piles of laundry.

Otherwise, it seems that I’ve been straying away from blogs and spending more time on twitter and instagram and other micro-blogging (I hate myself for even typing that) formats which are easily accessed on my phone. As I’m traveling more and spending less and less time at a computer, these little venues feel like an immediately accessible option and are seemingly where more and faster interaction is taking place.

So, to you – you fine summer loving and attractive folks – here are a few things I’ve been asking around about:

How do you deal with crappy uninspired creative lulls?

Have you noticed a shift in the way peeps are interacting with blogs and the blogging community (please punch me for writing blogging community)?

Anyone feeling slightly burnt out? Please say it’s not just me feeling completely cray-cray crazy lately.


June 23rd, 2011

As a surprise for my birthday, Jeremy planned a quick getaway trip to Big Bear. I’ve never spent much time up at that particular mountain lake and was relieved that we’d be getting out of the blistering desert heat, however briefly.

The drive up the mountain is both terrifying and beautiful. We caught the last bits of the smoggy California sunset with only the slightest tinge of motion sickness and vertigo.

We stayed at a little mountain cabin, which included the requisite rock-clad fireplace / spa-tub with just a sprinkling of dusty fake flowers and ivy to add fire to the romance. Forest green valances = sexy time!

It was actually really fun. After almost nine years together, big J understands my deep love of kitschy crap and objects of questionable taste.

I attempted to do a little thrifting, but the mountain won. Something about the isolation of these mountain communities brings out the crazy in residents and their local shops. I rounded a sharp corner and actually yelped out loud when confronted with the life size sculpture of E.T. peaking through a window.

A small perk of Jeremy’s job is getting a little bit of access to watercraft. One of his super nice clients let us borrow their little pontoon boat for the day to cruise around the lake.

It was beautiful, but extremely cold out on the lake. Beforehand, I was super psyched about swimming around and enjoying the water – but upon arrival?  Hell no. We wore sweaters and sat in the sun to survive.

There was an awesome solar observatory and some brave person oblivious to the cold and fear that decided to go parasailing.


Look how high you get! Also, have you met the crazy people operating these things? Way to intense for me. Plus, you have to land in that cold-ass water. I bet it’s a beautiful view, but I can barely handle the drive up looking down the sheer mountain cliff from the safety of the car window.

My favorite thing on the lake is the S.S. Relief (serious, that’s what the floating toilet is called). I kept wondering who had to come out on the turd boat and empty this thing. Whoever it is, they are not paid enough. I bet they haze new employees by sending them on “relief” duty.

Of course there was also a pirate ship on the lake. OF COURSE.

On the way home we stopped by Lake Arrowhead and had some brunch and yelled at ducks.

We watched kids learn to ski in the subzero lake water and laughed and pointed when they inevitably failed and face planted into the water. Then we drank hot chocolates and snuggled in our sweaters and asked them how the water felt as the shivered and cried. (None of that happened, except the failing part)

I also found my little fantasy boat. Apparently, I don’t dream very big – just keep it simple and retro.

Then we descended back into the delicious lung-enhancing smog of southern California. Good thing, because all that crisp fresh mountain air was making me feel way too good and I needed to be put back into my place. Thanks pollution!

It was a fantastic little trip and a great birthday treat. I’m already ready for another little vacation…something a little beachy perhaps…