July 28th, 2011

Recently, I visited the Noguchi: California Legacy exhibition at the Laguna Art Museum. Overall, it was a bit of a disjointed and disappointing show fraught with strange curatorial choices that made me think of it as mostly a love letter to local real estate developers and a slapdash attempt to fit a singular public art project into some larger context of Noguchi’s practice. Pretty much, an awkward show with an awkward presentation documented awkwardly with my iPhone.


I had an amazingly witty and hilarious post written to go with this, with images of Akari lamps in great interiors, pics of my favorite lamp designs and ideas to DIY some of the hanging lamps (since they are composed of thin gauge wire, paper and a bulb kit) but my computer appears to be in complete meltdown mode. That draft has dissipated into the great internet void, I can barely type this sentence without the spinning wheel of death popping up every five seconds and none of my programs will stay open.

Hard drive failure is happening. 🙁

Thankfully I’m all backed up but also leaving RIGHT NOW to continue working on the show with Laure and the gang (I’d link, but apparently I can’t open another tab on my computer without completely freezing it).

See ya when my computer is rehabbed and I am rehabbed and everything is rehabbed to work properly. Hopefully.

Damn you, technology. Please be OK. Pretty pretty please.


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  1. Ryan on 07/28/2011:

    Super cool exhibit. Sorry about the computer problems.

  2. Holyoke Home on 07/28/2011:

    Fingers crossed for you.

  3. Zoe on 07/28/2011:

    If you are ever in New York City, be sure to check out the Noguchi Museum in Queens. It’s one of those frequently overlooked gems – fantastic works in a beautiful setting.

  4. John Hedge on 07/28/2011:

    Too bad it wasn’t what you expected… those shows can be hit or miss. It looked pretty simple. Good luck with the computer! Have fun with the show.

  5. Sue on 07/28/2011:

    I know you’ve blogged about the show before, but what is it called and what channel is it on…I’d love to see you in action

  6. dabney on 07/28/2011:

    i was at one of the smithsonians a couple of years ago, looking at a long hallway filled with noguchi lamps. there was one boy (whose parents were distracted elsewhere) who was batting each lamp as he walked through. horrified doesn’t adequately describe my reaction, and i can’t look at another lamp without thinking of that kid.

  7. katrina on 07/28/2011:

    @Dabney: when I worked at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts in St. Louis, one day this girl put her entire hand, open palm, on a Monet “Water Lilies” canvas, and then she leaned to the side – supporting her entire body weight against the painting – while she adjusted her shoe. I just stood there horrified and dumbstruck, but luckily another docent ran over and promptly threw her out.

  8. Autumn on 07/28/2011:

    Ditto Zoe’s comment about the Queens museum. It’s really beautiful.

  9. Joy on 07/29/2011:

    @Dabney and Katrina: You folks have just provided me with some serious nightmare fodder. But seriously, have people no sense of respect for their surroundings?

    Morgan–good luck with all the rehab. Thanks for posting despite the impending meltdown.

  10. Jo on 08/06/2011:

    This proves that good pieces are good pieces, and they can work well together with the right amount of attitude, in any room.

  11. Looking forward to visiting the Noguchi Museum in October. Thanks for posting

  12. Emily on 08/13/2011:

    I hope your computer gets better soon! Miss you!

  13. modernhaus on 08/18/2011:

    Where are you?? I’m sending out the hounds to search…

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