July 18th, 2011

I picked up this large sculptural wood bench ages ago off Craigslist with the intent of sticking it somewhere outside in our sparse and minimal desert landscape. Seeing as the landscape hasn’t gotten past the weeds and dirt stage of the overall grand scheme, this little bench has just been chillaxing by the fire pit and gathering spider webs – like most of the projects around here.

Maybe one day it will go on the porch? Or by the pool? Or maybe in the front yard? I don’t know. For now it’s just going to sit outside and gather dust. I like to imagine it inside a large open all white industrial loft space as a place to put your shoes on and gather your things in a mega sparse entryway. That would be amazing – but inside my house it just feels a tad overwhelming.

Been busy working on various things and still suffering a case of house burn out. Trying to get motivated to care deeply again, but really, all I want to do is swim and read and travel and play with the dogs. Hope you guys are doing the same.

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  1. The Vintage Cabin on 07/18/2011:

    ooh, i love that thing! so unusual and weird, great score. it almost looks like it has been dipped in chocolate and maybe, just maybe, i could take a bite of it?

  2. d r e w on 07/18/2011:

    WOW. that’s amazing! you need to teach a class on how to find great stuff on craig’s list.

  3. meg on 07/18/2011:

    it’s like an anorexic burl.

  4. Reva on 07/18/2011:

    nice bench. it IS anorexic burl. But what I really want to say is, here’s to swimming and reading and traveling and playing with dogs!

  5. tina on 07/18/2011:

    no seriously~that thing is awesome.

  6. Tamoto on 07/18/2011:

    That’s gonna look great on your patio!it must be so hot out there tho right now. Enjoy your summer let us know if you backpack Europe or something

  7. John Hedge on 07/18/2011:

    Yeah, it’s like a chocolate pretzel. That is yummy.Such a cool organic shape with a rich color is quite a find, so jealous of that and being able to jump in the pool! I need a pool. The heat is back today, this last week wasn’t too bad. Don’t give up now… I can’t wait to see the side yard in all it’s glory one day!

  8. sudha on 07/18/2011:

    looks amazing and so organic

  9. Kat on 07/19/2011:

    Love the bench! I also immediately thought of it in a industrial loft foyer.

    It was 95 today near Chicago with the heat index of 105+. I had to be outside walking to/from the train, appointments downtown, etc. I thought I was going to die. I can only imagine (in my nightmares) what the desert feels like. Try to stay cool and enjoy your pool and dogs.

  10. whislerpotpie on 07/19/2011:

    Love the bench. Love laying by the pool. Love dogs. Sounds like you have it figured out!!!

  11. Bandita on 07/19/2011:

    super cool bench! no matter where it is placed, i’m sure it looks great!

  12. Jaime on 07/19/2011:

    LOVE that bench! Great find.

  13. big-dewey on 07/19/2011:

    yeah you leave that tasty treat out in your front yard. Hopefully I’ll get there before anyone else.

  14. modernhaus on 07/19/2011:

    sex chair

  15. teresa on 07/19/2011:

    what? seriously, you found that on craigs? i am so jealous. way better than any of the stuff i find. i was also seeing it in a minimal loft type space.

  16. Jackie on 07/19/2011:

    What a great piece. I’m sure you’ll find a place for it. Eager to see the results of your credenza project too.
    Glad to see you’re posting again.

  17. ella on 07/19/2011:

    O.M.G. I. LOVE. IT.

  18. Lisa on 07/19/2011:

    Neat bench. Might be nice inside with a sheepskin on it

  19. beckhen on 07/21/2011:

    It’s great. Looks like it cost a gazillion dollars, but I guess not. Thanks craigslist!

  20. April on 07/21/2011:

    Great looking bench!!

  21. Fiona on 07/25/2011:

    It’s a beauty alright, that burl. Very cool. I SO hear you, can’t go pedal to the metal all the time with house stuff, especially when lots of outside work takes over. Just recharge and enjoy the great home you’ve made.

  22. That is really very cool!

  23. Josie on 08/08/2011:

    uh WOAH gorgeousness!

  24. sarah on 08/09/2011:

    Lovely design.

  25. Kay on 09/25/2011:

    Wow…that knarly bench is amazing! I would put it inside my house! I love your style, your sense of humor, your dogs, your home and your blog.

  26. Colleen on 09/25/2011:

    That is seriuosly, wonderously amazing. Great find.

    What a great mix of earthy burl & minimalism.

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