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Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

I finally updated the house tour. Recently, I went through the tour pictures and realized that I hadn’t updated them in far too long. A bunch of stuff has been sold or moved around and it felt like time to show what we are working with now. I also added some “before” images at the bottom of each set to show what the room looked like through the lens of my sisters point-and-shoot camera all those years ago during the inspection.

My favorite before:

Yeah, I know. HORRORSHOW.

Can you guess that that was the master bedroom? Which, BTW, is still in progress but a zillion times better than that enameled clown paint kaleidoscope of bad decision making.

Speaking of the in progress master bedroom, check out the still in progress but brand spanking new exterior section of the tour. Once both are finished they will get updated with some sweet “after” pics. Probably by that time I’ll need to re-update the rest of the tour as well. It’s a circle of never ending updating!

Also, big thanks to DwellStudio and Apartment Therapy for giving props to the new Brick House Design venture and thanks to you guys for all your well wishes and support! BHD is just starting but exciting things are going on. I’ve got some projects in the works that I can’t wait to show you guys and if you have a design dilemma that needs some magic fairy dust, feel free to email me for a quote.

House Visit

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

My friend Maya recently left the West Coast (like a traitor!) to live on the East Coast with her brilliant husband and new puppy Mika. For the past few months they have been fixing up their first home out in the wilderness of the New York coast – seriously – it’s like in the woods only a minute or so from the ocean. I’m so jealous…delicious cooling and refreshing ocean…

They just moved in a few weeks ago and are starting to settle in. Maya sent me some pics of the house from her iphone so that I could see some progress – which is a bad idea when I have a whole website dedicated to house crap.

My dream Bumling light! In brass no less…

The house is not completely finished and like us they still have a bunch of DIY projects to go, but I’m thinking this is a fucking amazing start. Knowing Maya I’m positive that she will keep futzing with things so I am preserving this moment digitally since I can’t be out there to see it in the flesh.

I can’t wait to come out and spend some time futzing around on the East Coast and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to photograph the crap out of the house and share all the changes as they settle in and fix up even more of the place.

Maya. I swear. Soon. (When work isn’t so crazy)

Sorry about putting your house on the internet.

House Visit

Monday, May 31st, 2010

The Boy and I took a little trip out to the high desert this weekend to meet up with Jill and T.K. Smith to check out their a-to the-mazing home as well as wander around Joshua Tree. We haven’t spent a ton of time that far up into the Southern California desert, but with each trip I’m falling a little more in love with the great modern architecture, Mad Max vibe and spectacular craggy desert landscape.

Jill and T.K. have been DIYing the crap out of their mid century pad for the past six years and while it’s still a work in progress (isn’t everything, always) this place takes getting crafty on a budget to a whole other level. I must say that I was floored by the care and craftsmanship (and maybe a little ashamed of our own little Brick House’s amateur status) that went into the many, many, MANY handmade touches throughout their home. Luckily for Jill, T.K. is good with his hands and spends his days fabricating a whole gamut of items ranging from cutting boards to credenzas to entire kitchens. See that rad shade screen? Yeah – he totally made it along with tons of custom cabinetry, furniture and other tasty bits throughout.

Less talk, more pictures.

Love this little woven screen.

T.K. built all the cabinetry and counter tops in their kitchen. Seriously beautiful.

We had a great time hanging out with Jill and T.K. and I even learned a new skill to apply around our own place. I’ve caught the fabricating bug after T.K. gave me my first ever lesson in welding so that I can DIY all those fancy hot rolled steel planters and landscaping edging I keep obsessing about. I totally (seriously, for reals) welded stuff and nothing horrible happened. It was really fun and easier than I imagined. The Brick House is going to get some major steel treatment in the near future…

If you want to get a hold of T.K. to fabricate something amazing or just to see some of the other inspiring projects check out T.K. Smith Design here.

The Boy and I had so much fun, learned something new, hit some sales, ate great BLT’s and got to snoop around a fabu home taking way too many pictures. The problem is, now I am in love with Joshua Tree and all I want to do is build a little modern house out in the rocky hills from scratch…