September 15th, 2010

I finally updated the house tour. Recently, I went through the tour pictures and realized that I hadn’t updated them in far too long. A bunch of stuff has been sold or moved around and it felt like time to show what we are working with now. I also added some “before” images at the bottom of each set to show what the room looked like through the lens of my sisters point-and-shoot camera all those years ago during the inspection.

My favorite before:

Yeah, I know. HORRORSHOW.

Can you guess that that was the master bedroom? Which, BTW, is still in progress but a zillion times better than that enameled clown paint kaleidoscope of bad decision making.

Speaking of the in progress master bedroom, check out the still in progress but brand spanking new exterior section of the tour. Once both are finished they will get updated with some sweet “after” pics. Probably by that time I’ll need to re-update the rest of the tour as well. It’s a circle of never ending updating!

Also, big thanks to DwellStudio and Apartment Therapy for giving props to the new Brick House Design venture and thanks to you guys for all your well wishes and support! BHD is just starting but exciting things are going on. I’ve got some projects in the works that I can’t wait to show you guys and if you have a design dilemma that needs some magic fairy dust, feel free to email me for a quote.

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  1. Katie on 09/15/2010:

    So inspiring. You make me really want to get my butt in gear, and I’m totally jealous of both your pottery collection and how uncluttered your photographs are. It’s inspiring that you’ve done this in such a relatively short amount of time!

  2. ModFruGal on 09/15/2010:

    Congrats on the props! Yay for Tours!

  3. Dan on 09/15/2010:

    Yes, super congrats on the Dwell/AT write ups! I hope business is booming and bustling and you’re having fun doing it!

  4. Dan on 09/15/2010:

    ALSO, obviously, your house is looking so damn fine. Just went through the whole house tour. swoonswoonswoon.

  5. Tonia on 09/15/2010:

    I see you’re doing your thing! You go girl! Oh and I can’t forget the boy 🙂

  6. Lisa on 09/15/2010:

    Very nice! But the only problem is now I can’t look at the prior incarnations and I really miss the old master bedroom. That quilt was stunning.

  7. Lookin’ good! (Are those baseballs hanging from rope?!)

  8. simplygrove on 09/15/2010:

    I seriously love your house!!!!!!

  9. Eric @ Flavorspaces on 09/15/2010:

    Your home is so inspiring. I love it.

  10. Cait @ Hernando House on 09/15/2010:

    Congrats on the great write ups! Love the new tour pics!

  11. Mike on 09/15/2010:

    You are oh so rocking Morgan! Hope this turns into something fantasic for you!

  12. Heather Espana on 09/15/2010:

    Awesome! You should add source lists for each room too ;-).

  13. Husband on 09/15/2010:

    Horrorshow indeed, but it was probably the room where people would walk in and say “wow, I really like this”. Our kitchen was painted an awful red color, and people always came in and loved it.

  14. Char on 09/15/2010:

    I love your house!! Now I want to vomit when I see mine. Where did you get those awesome hanging pendants in the guest room??!!

  15. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/15/2010:

    Lisa, the post are still there in the archives

    Eva, Yes. Those were baseballs. Crazy baseball pulls.

  16. Kara on 09/15/2010:

    I love your style – so clean and modern, yet warm.

    Where did you get the cabinets in your living room on both sides of your mantle, or are they custom built? Also, is the flooring in your kitchen linoleum or VCT? Do you have trouble keeping it clean?

  17. Alex on 09/15/2010:

    Very Nice!

  18. ryan on 09/15/2010:

    I love your home – it makes me want to get rid of my bric a brac! Love how your rooms are free of clutter yet look lived in.

  19. Sue on 09/16/2010:

    love, love, love
    but let me get this straight….you have 4 cowhide rugs?????

  20. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/16/2010:

    Kara, VCT. It’s like maintenance on any other floor, but hides stuff surprisingly well.

    Sue, Yes! I love cowhides. I have decided they are the perfect rug for pets.

  21. Paper Dolls for Boys on 09/18/2010:

    this is the most stunning before & after EVAH

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