House Visit

July 20th, 2010

My friend Maya recently left the West Coast (like a traitor!) to live on the East Coast with her brilliant husband and new puppy Mika. For the past few months they have been fixing up their first home out in the wilderness of the New York coast – seriously – it’s like in the woods only a minute or so from the ocean. I’m so jealous…delicious cooling and refreshing ocean…

They just moved in a few weeks ago and are starting to settle in. Maya sent me some pics of the house from her iphone so that I could see some progress – which is a bad idea when I have a whole website dedicated to house crap.

My dream Bumling light! In brass no less…

The house is not completely finished and like us they still have a bunch of DIY projects to go, but I’m thinking this is a fucking amazing start. Knowing Maya I’m positive that she will keep futzing with things so I am preserving this moment digitally since I can’t be out there to see it in the flesh.

I can’t wait to come out and spend some time futzing around on the East Coast and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to photograph the crap out of the house and share all the changes as they settle in and fix up even more of the place.

Maya. I swear. Soon. (When work isn’t so crazy)

Sorry about putting your house on the internet.

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  1. jamie on 07/20/2010:

    okay. i am doing a full wall shelf. THATS IT.

  2. THE BRICK HOUSE on 07/20/2010:

    Dude, Maya just totally built it with cheap wall brackets and like 12 foot pieces of wood. It’s so totally easy – do it!

  3. Charlotte on 07/20/2010:

    They have indeed done a wonderful job. I’m a big fan of the bold pops of colour here and there (who knew pink chairs could look that rad?)

    I’m a huge fan of your blog too, by the way, it’s incredibly inspirational and a must-read on my daily internet rounds.

  4. Brittany on 07/20/2010:

    “Sorry about putting your house on the internet.” Love it.

    Though- she had to know you were going to post it. You don’t give a reporter (or blogger) a juicy story (or pictures) and expect her to keep it a secret.

  5. Anna @ D16 on 07/20/2010:

    Maya needs a blog. This is totally gorgeous, and I need MORE.

  6. katie on 07/20/2010:

    Damn! Where can I find a lovely white floor, exposed-rafter beamed home out in the wilderness?!!!!

    Anna is right. Maya needs a blog pronto!

  7. THE BRICK HOUSE on 07/20/2010:

    I know. I keep telling her!

    They put that floor in themselves…killer right?

  8. katie on 07/20/2010:

    I’m drooling!! And kicking myself for not buying the farm house I found in Michigan last summer. Oh wait it was in the meth capital of Michigan, that’s why we didn’t buy it.

  9. malshag on 07/20/2010:

    where in ny is this?
    it’s super rad. we need a close up of the wall o’shelves. and maybe some sourcing info. nice job on the ikea kitchen too.

    the-brick-house: first thing every morning, i open my gmail, then i open – you are my hero (even if you live in hemet-schmemet)

    yo anna@d16: those all white floors must be makin you drool!

  10. Shilo on 07/21/2010:

    Wow, beautiful. I’d like to save one of these photos for my inspiration files and I’m trying really hard to keep photographer credits intact. Who should I credit it to?

    And YES! if this woman gets a blog, let us know stat!

  11. carol on 07/21/2010:

    love the white envelope with pops of color-
    also love the block grouping by color of their cups etc.
    … so stylish but comfortable too- great inspiration, thanks!

  12. alex sunday on 07/21/2010:

    awesome! love the openness of the kitchen. and i feel pretty rad for having the same rug as in the first photo. i hope it looks just as cool in my house.

  13. maya on 07/21/2010:

    Maya here,
    dude Morgan, i knew you;ll do it, u are unstoppable 🙂
    wish you were here thought.. need you stat!
    guys – how could i have a blog, Morgan is the Master, she can write and DIY like no body’s business… and i am crazy – i change my mind all the time….. so, I’ll let Morgan do the job!
    and the brick house is such an inspiration, and trust me , i have been there, its even better in real life!
    we have been working on this house for 6 months strait.. we did EVERYTHING to it (well, we hired some big string people to put the beams up..) but this house was a ranch house with law ceilings, and basically no floors but sub floors,
    we did everything, did not add anything, just knocked down stuff. its about 1600 square feet, and the back yard is nice..
    its backed up to a nature preserve, so, its us and the deer, and after that, just water.. so its super awesome.
    please ask away if you want any info, as i would be happy to share, and i promise i will give the brick house more photos.
    oh, wait i have an idea
    lets do a fund raising for the brick house blog to travel here, and put her to work! the boy too!
    thanks for the nice words!

  14. maya on 07/21/2010:

    oh one more thing..
    EVERYTHING you see is basically from Craigslist or ebay etzy and so on……
    NOTHING over 100 bucks, i swear.

    🙂 , must say – me and Morgan established the 100$ rule!

  15. jars on 07/21/2010:

    i miss maya and am a secret brick house reader (secret only in that i’ve never posted anything).

    1. maya loves pink. it shows. it works.
    2. how the heck did mika turn into such a HUGE dog so fast?
    3. the house looks rad.
    4. how did you do the pink glow in the library?!?!?! love.

  16. jd on 07/21/2010:

    hmmm. ny, deer, trees, ocean… sounds like you are close to fire island? but for all i know, could be montauk? the north shore? f.i. is one of my favorite spots. i will be there next week, in my 24 sq ft. portable home, a.k.a. tent. just me, the deer, the ocean and… the mosquitos 🙂

    maya, your place looks great. did you strip that electric baseboard heater? i have been looking at places Upstate and have been seeing a lot of those. while i like heat, they are typically not my fave, but it looks good silver against the white.

    welcome to the east coast. thanks for sharing.

  17. Tyler (plastolux) on 07/21/2010:

    Nice pad – I too would like more pics of the shelves!

  18. erin@designcrisis on 07/21/2010:

    I’m so tired of all you superpeople on this blog… fancy Morgan with her fancy house, and that dude who lives in the desert with his fancy house, and now this. Deluxe. Awesome. Radicool. And I can’t believe they put in the floors and redid the ceilings themselves. Now I have to redo my entire house, thanks a lot.

  19. Fiona on 07/21/2010:

    omg omg omg omg

  20. maya on 07/21/2010:

    oh dudes! thanks so much!
    there is so much more to do, and there are 2 more bedroom in the house.. and a sun room. i never photograph it, couse Morgan is the shit when it comes to that .. (and so much more)
    please make her come!
    its just not perfect yet, so i cant deal…

    the shelves are made out of 12 inch wide x2 thick and 12 ft wide beams we got at HD.. for $15 a pop, i stained them.. and then put them up with 10 inch heavy duty brackets .. they are heavy, so we used quite a but of brackets.
    it was the most budget friendly and pretty solution i could find for a DIY all shelf wall. couldn’t do the amazing brick house Ace hotel thing since our ceiling is vaulted!

    yes, base board heater, i hate teh covers so much! shoudl be against the law!
    the whole house is heated that way, and we couldn’t afford a different heating system, so.. ( i think it was one of my more brilliant moment) i tried just a simple aluminum stud you buy at HD (i like the galvanised look…)
    and its the exact fit! and it just snaps on it, no hardware, on on Te side and one on top…. yay!

    we are on the south shore of LI, on the bay, just across from it! in the Brookhaven Hamlet, which is an amazing little community.
    best thing – i am an hour and ten minutes from the city (driving…)

  21. Husband on 07/21/2010:

    Those are iPhone pictures? Damn.

  22. THE BRICK HOUSE on 07/21/2010:

    We are the fanciest. In all of fancy town.

  23. maya on 07/21/2010:

    morgan dude,
    did you see your monkey?

  24. THE BRICK HOUSE on 07/21/2010:

    In the hallway? Yes!

    I totally forgot about him. I was too busy ogling the bookshelf.

  25. Modernist on 07/21/2010:

    I was going to say that you used all very traditional pieces that are in every modern magazine and you see everywhere until I read everything was 100 bucks an under an saw the black Marshmallow sofa.. Love that piece –

  26. Emily on 07/21/2010:

    Where did you get that white magazine rack? I need me one of those!

  27. Wes on 07/21/2010:

    you will be so shocked whenever maya and/or morgan post the BEFORE pictures. this place was a crazy dump with weirdly shaped rooms, low ceilings, gross carpets, xtra kitchens, windows in stupid places — yuk. the location, and a square skylight and window, were all the inspiration maya needed to make this happen.

  28. Sherry on 07/21/2010:

    As much as I love the house, I am much more jealous of the views from your window. All those trees, all that green, and ocean and still relatively close to the city! How perfect.

  29. micky on 07/21/2010:

    This is flat-out AMAZING. Gives me so much inspiration for my house. I want to read much more about this!

  30. Coletta on 07/22/2010:

    ok…i don’t like all the random rugs….but this place is going to look great when they get done I am sure.
    love the wall shelf. i made a smaller version…but would love to do an entire wall like they did!

  31. Sue on 07/22/2010:

    OMG is right, I love every single bit of it! Hey Maya, did you make the wood cabinet in the kitchen or is that Ikea? Dying to see more…

  32. ModFruGal on 07/22/2010:

    I’m so impressed that they JUST moved in and already have such a great place that looks like they’ve been there for who knows how long….I’ve been in my place almost 2 years and can’t get it together yet…sigh…Maya-Love it..wanna see more..kudos!

  33. A Merry Mishap on 07/22/2010:

    Really? Amazing!

  34. maya on 07/22/2010:

    Sue – the wooden cabinet was Morgan’s bar early on…. i love it! 🙂 , we swapped something for it.. don’t remember what though.
    i just put legs on it ( there is a base heater under it…)

  35. sarah on 07/23/2010:

    I love your house – could you tell me more about the flooring? What is it? It looks like it could be wide floorboards but I am not so sure…The whole place looks fantastic!!

  36. Angela on 07/23/2010:

    Maya, I love your house! It is absolutely beautiful. Did you find your Bumling in the US or have you brought it over from Europe? If so, was it easy to re-wire? I have dreamed for years of a Bumling lamp and we are relocating to the US from Sweden in 2 months. Wondering if I should try to buy a used one before we move…

  37. maya on 07/24/2010:

    hey guys ! thanks again! i promise me and Morgan will do a an update sometime soon….!
    is an eBay find (somehow i managed to garb it before the brick house did! so bring some from home (and bring me another one too!)
    the rewiring was very easy!
    our floors are the same as the these guys at hindsvik did… (really awesome inspiration blog)
    plywood, cut the long way to a 12 inch strips, and then painted white (one side finished ply)
    0.65 cent a square foot!
    and we have about 1600 of it…!
    thanks again!

  38. Anna @ D16 on 07/26/2010:

    Coming back AGAIN to say AGAIN that Maya needs a blog. 😀

    (And Malshag — you know I am!!)

  39. bianca on 07/28/2010:

    L O V E THE BRASS LIGHT FIXTURE WITH THE P I N K CHAIRS. I W A NT THOSE C H A I R S!! they remind me of nakedness in the kitchen.

  40. Hilary on 07/28/2010:

    Hi. LOVE, Love, Love. Were the chairs puyrchased pink or were they sprayed? AMAZING!

  41. maya on 07/28/2010:

    guys- the chairs are ikea!

  42. maya on 07/28/2010:

    sorry – pressed enter to fast…
    yeah.. ikea. they were pink, so i HAD to get them.. and they are very good price!

  43. Sue on 07/28/2010:

    holy cow, that is a great price on those chairs. now I have to ask where the yellow table came from that’s in the picture with the eames hang it all, its so cool…hopefully that is an ikea purchase and I can pick one up too

  44. maya on 07/29/2010:

    sue dude, yeah
    you know it , yellow table – Ikea!
    again, i couldn’t resist the price and color… all about the color!
    here it is:
    oh no! maybe the yellow is no more! but i would check anyway, since every store is different..
    on that note,
    if anyone , anyone has another one of those discontinued ikea Alvine tingle rug (black and white) that they don’t use , and want to sell it to me, that would be awesome
    sorry Morgan, i am taking advantage of your Fancy blog..

  45. Tara on 07/31/2010:

    Could you talk a little bit more about the ceilings and what you did to raise them?

    p.s. I love your house. I love it even more because everything is gorgeous and wasn’t five gazillion dollars.

  46. Roxana on 08/08/2011:

    Hi Maya: Wonderful kitchen arrangement. Can you tell me what kind of range is that? Is it electric? Stand along or drop in? What brand? Looks like it has the flat top. Thank you.

  47. Lunaluna on 10/05/2011:

    I’m gonna say it just for fun… when is Maya going to write a blog? Doesn’t have to write anything, just get up in the morning take a few picks of her beautiful place and then get on with her dreamy life for the rest of the day…..

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