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Monday, October 10th, 2011

Finally toured Taliesin West – Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home and school in the Arizona desert.

It is a strange and beautiful place.

Also hot.


House Visit

Monday, February 21st, 2011

While I was recently traveling around I stopped by my long time art gallery buddy and old friend Stacy’s place. She and her husband John have been meticulously updating and furnishing their new to them mid century pad and I was psyched to see the tremendous progress they’ve made.

Something I have a deep love for in any home (and is excellent to see in any space) is a big ‘ol incredible art collection. Stacy is heavily involved in the contemporary art world and John has long been an enthusiast and collector. So, as you can imagine, this has equaled a fantastic art filled home. Personally, my favorite kind.

Their new eight month old pupster is a little scruffy muffin butt. She’s incredibly cute and silly, and from what I hear, also an excellent hiker.

Check out that sofa! They grabbed it from Brooks at Specific Merchandise, which is probably one of my favorite retailers around. Specific has these super creative and one of a kind offerings that mix both art and design in all the best ways.

I feel terrible though, they thought I was just stopping by for a friendly visit, but being the design crazy person I am I had to immediately pull out the old camera and take some quick shots. They are so nice for not murdering me for doing so and then going so far as letting me show off their in process digs.

Yes. That chandelier?!

It is insanely insane and amazing. It was custom built by Workstead to fit in the slopping dining space and now I desperately want one.

When I stopped by they were still working on all the exterior bits of the house. They have accomplished a bunch so far, but are still in the planting and finishing touches portion of the landscaping.

While there are still outside areas that are in progress, I was pretty blown away by how things are already shaping up. I can picture how things will finish and fill in and can just tell its such a great comfy space for parties and swimming and music and fire pits. Totally inspiring for our own impending landscaping projects.

Thanks guys for having me over to your place. Can’t wait to come back and see all the progress.

Where People Live

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

I’m not normally in the habit of reposting house tours, but there was a lot to love in THIS ONE even though I’m not really sure what is says. Google translator made kind of a mess of what I believe to be a well written and articulate article about what I’m assuming is a wonderful interior designers home in Sweden.

Marie Olsson Nylander’s best tip: “Stop over decorate the window sill … Decorate a bit!”

See what I mean? Translators make a mess. I agree with my assumption of the gist of her tip. I don’t like window treatments either.

Love the mix of vintage and the great scale shifts that happen in this big box of white. Feels like a comfy, eclectic home with just the appropriate amount of well curated clutter. Trust me, there are lots things to love. Things that are about to get an inappropriate amount of this: !

Exhibit A: That sofa! That rug! One and two on my most wanted dream list.

Exhibit B: Those ceilings! Those floors! That Bertoia! (Although, I’ve used a Bertoia as a desk chair and all you get is waffle butt and a backache.)

Exhibit C: That coffee table! That lamp! Those textiles! That desk! Those Lucite chairs!

Exhibit D: That blue Eames mixed with the black! That lamp! That sofa! That rug!

Exhibit E: Magical view into Swedish paradise. That’s totally photoshopped, right?

Dammit! I just noticed that Desire to Inspire just posted this as well as a bunch of other great sites when I googled to see if Marie Olsson Nylander had a website. Well, this is why I don’t normally repost house tours. So if you’ve seen this, I apologize.

It’s still awesome.