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Monday, October 4th, 2010

Bob Pratte from The Press Enterprise came by last week to check out the house and be annoyed by Iggy. This Sunday the article came out and I immediately went into a shame spiral of despair about the most awkwardly unprepared and horrible photo of me ever. My mouth is literally open saying please don’t take a picture of me since the whole gig with the blog is about a certain kind of anonymity. Maybe I needed to be a little more forceful.

Next time.

Otherwise it was very cool and sweet. Bob is incredibly nice and generous and knew a lot about our home town that I’ve neglected to find out.

The funniest thing to come out of the article has been a number of locals emailing in some nice comments and stories. Elizabeth, who turns out to be one of the previous owners (and a blogger) sent in the original advertisement that she saw about The Brick House which lead to her eventually buying the place. I was always curious about the red button of doom and it seems that she and her husband are to blame. Hilarious.

She’s going to come out and give us a little background and check out what we’ve been up to.

She even painted an awesome homage to The Captain on her nails to celebrate. HILARIOUS.


Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

I finally updated the house tour. Recently, I went through the tour pictures and realized that I hadn’t updated them in far too long. A bunch of stuff has been sold or moved around and it felt like time to show what we are working with now. I also added some “before” images at the bottom of each set to show what the room looked like through the lens of my sisters point-and-shoot camera all those years ago during the inspection.

My favorite before:

Yeah, I know. HORRORSHOW.

Can you guess that that was the master bedroom? Which, BTW, is still in progress but a zillion times better than that enameled clown paint kaleidoscope of bad decision making.

Speaking of the in progress master bedroom, check out the still in progress but brand spanking new exterior section of the tour. Once both are finished they will get updated with some sweet “after” pics. Probably by that time I’ll need to re-update the rest of the tour as well. It’s a circle of never ending updating!

Also, big thanks to DwellStudio and Apartment Therapy for giving props to the new Brick House Design venture and thanks to you guys for all your well wishes and support! BHD is just starting but exciting things are going on. I’ve got some projects in the works that I can’t wait to show you guys and if you have a design dilemma that needs some magic fairy dust, feel free to email me for a quote.

Link Dump

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

It’s Friday! Cut out of work early, put on your comfy pants and get relaxing for Labor Day. But before you do that check out some of these awesome links:

Very Fine House, Interview

I did a little interview for Take Five Friday at Very Fine House, be sure to take note of my extremely important opinions about things and stuff

Furnish UK, Weekly pick of interior blogs.

Thanks to Furnish, UK for picking The Brick House as well as Rambling Renovators and Making it Lovely as their weekly interior blogs. Elle Decor and The World of Interiors, here I come.

Ivillage, Best of the Blogs: Top DIY Projects

Ivillage rounds up some of their favorite DIY projects around blogland. They picked our shelves, and totally think I’m a dude. Why does that always happen? Thanks for the unisex name, mom.

Shelf Hotness

This is a great hack of the pipe shelving concept (pictured above) found via The English Muffin Blog. Very nice inspiration. I’ve been thinking about making a bench with similar materials…brain wheels are turning.

The Brass Petal

Emily Henderson is giving me some serious redemptive hope for HGTV. Seriously, I just watched a vintage Design on a Dime and cried. She is funny, charming and the blog is a nice behind the scenes look with tips about decor and styling.

The Get Up and Get Down

Nick from A Time To Get just launched his new project focused on featuring craftspeople making good stuff as well as fab DIY projects. Masculine good fun.

Also, Twitter? I think I’m getting the hang of that beast. Now I need to figure out this twitpict thing on my phone, since there are so many CRAZY things I see while out and about thrifting and such.

Enjoy the weekend since the summer is officially over now, right? Damn. DAMN.