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Press Dump

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Apologies for the press dump, just trying to keep track of happenings around the internet and beyond…

Finally got a hold of a copy of ReadyMade Magazine (can you tell by the scan?). Well look at that, I have a little project article in a print magazine. Nice! Thanks to Sonia for introducing me and the ReadyMade staff for taking a chance on a little DIY’er in Hemet. Oh, and for any editors out there, I just wanted to mention that I love freelance. Hey now!

Some nice interview action happening around the interweb as of late:

>Style At Home did a sweet Featured Blogger post about The Brick. That’s a magazine and in Canada – double points.
>The Designer Pad has a nice write up about our project as well.
>And ANA, the LOVELY & AMAZING ANA of Rearranged Design asked me some naughty questions.

Also, a big thanks to all those who mentioned our new fence bench.

>Door Sixteen
>Apartment Therapy

And one last nod to Elle Interior for their mention of our shelves. Thank you everyone, my heart is filled to bursting.

For extra bonus pleasure, I’ve updated all my DIY tutorials, so if there is something you want to try over the weekend check out how HERE.

Have a great weekend full of magical childlike delight in the face of an overwhelmingly brutal holiday season. You’ve made it through to the other side of a link bonanza. Congrats. I love you.

Arounds the webs…

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

If you guys haven’t had a chance to check out the new issue of Pure Green Living Magazine, do it. Do it now. Wait, finish reading this and then do it. Big thanks to all the staff and Celine MacKay for featuring our pad in their latest issue. You can check out our spread HERE (page 61- 71).

We live green by living cheap I think was the message of my interview…something like that…

We also got a nice little shout out in Delish Magazine. Holler.

In other corners of the web you can also visit my moonlighting posts at Emily Henderson’s blog. I took a stab at a Blue Tuesday post last week and this week I threw together a thrift store decor type deal-io. Pretty much I spot something in a thrift store that I liked (but didn’t buy) and pull together a bit of an idea board and some inspiration about how to make it go from crap pile to amazing. This week was somehow about how not to be scared of rattan. Hope you guys like it, I really enjoy designing up fantasy rooms with stuff I wish I could bring home…

BTW, I’m pretty psyched for Emily’s show. Have you seen some of the stuff shes bringing back from the flea? Those are some lucky peeps who end up with all that loot. Lucky, lucky peeps.

Round Up

Friday, October 8th, 2010

F-f-f-f-FRIDAY! Oh yes please, break out the wine spritzers. I am ready to take a break – and by break – I mean run around all weekend working on the house and other projects.

Check it:

-Iggy gets his own personal interview over at Pawesome. Learn interesting facts about how he prances and loves crappy beer.

-Design*Sponge shares Brick House oily advice.

-Seems like some of you guys really want The Captain’s Chair. I’m getting a hefty amount of emails offering a new home for that bad boy…so I’m wondering…should I do the honorable thing and host a chair giveaway when my Womb comes in or go the greedy route and support exterior projects with a chair auction? I’m leaning towards some sort of giveaway! But cash for landscaping sounds awesome! What? So many confusing and morally ambiguous thoughts…

Go nuts! Enjoy your weekend! Stop looking at the internet box! Forget all this unnecessary punctuation!