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Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Just wanted to quickly mention that my Guest List interview is up on West Elm’s Blog – Front & Main.

Yes, that West Elm! The place with all the nice stuff.

Check it out if you have the the time or inclination, just remember that I love you. Now you kind of have to read it (because of the guilt).

Thanks to Aaron and West Elm for putting up with me – loving the new blog!



Thursday, April 14th, 2011

My little DIY fence bench was a top finalist for the ReadyMade 100 and was recreated for the magazine and published with instructions for their April/May issue. Sadly, I didn’t win top bad ass project because I failed. I’m a failure.

Oh come on, I’m just screwing around. It’s awesome and I’m super psyched to be included.

Here is the original bench in all it’s reclaimed woody glory. You can check out instructions for making it HERE. Also, it looks like you can order a book that includes all 100 projects right HERE.

Thanks to ReadyMade and all the judges for thinking I’m only a little bit of a failure. You know, on the winningest side of failure.


Saturday, March 12th, 2011

This happened.

Little ‘ol Brick was mentioned in big ‘ol Dwell.

Fantastic right? Crazy pants nutty out of this world – fantastic. Dwell is one of those mags I’ve always found to be incredibly aspirational and inspirational and maybe also a tad depressing since I never imagined that I could be one of those incredibly modern folks with the perfect creatively architectural homes that made me drool and paw at in the magazine pages.

Well, they threw our little renovation project a bone and I will take that baby and gobble it right up. Mainly, I’m just beyond excited to have my name printed in Dwell – spelled correctly and everything.

I want to send a big thanks to Sonia Zjawinski for including us as well as listen to me ramble on the phone (I’m also happy that the other article didn’t work out and now it ended up being in Dwell). I couldn’t be more excited!

Kudos to fellow “cheap and chic” compatriots for also being featured Chezerby, Door Sixteen, My Scandinavian Retreat and Hollywood Renovation. Go blogging.

*Special thanks to Jaime at Design-Milk for sending me this scan. Did you know there are no bookstores in Hemet and not a single store I can get an April issue of Dwell? I used to be able to buy them at our local 7-11 and was probably the only who ever did, so no more Dwell sadly. Gotta make an out of town trip to get a copy…or maybe a real subscription…