December 2nd, 2011

Just wanted to quickly mention that my Guest List interview is up on West Elm’s Blog – Front & Main.

Yes, that West Elm! The place with all the nice stuff.

Check it out if you have the the time or inclination, just remember that I love you. Now you kind of have to read it (because of the guilt).

Thanks to Aaron and West Elm for putting up with me – loving the new blog!




    1. Lunaluna on 12/02/2011:

      Off to read it now….

    2. Tonia on 12/02/2011:

      Congratulations! Let me head on over to check it out.

    3. Susan on 12/02/2011:

      Great interview. I have a question though. Why in the world would anyone think you were an older man?! Of all things weird that takes the cake.

    4. Janet on 12/02/2011:


    5. Emily on 12/02/2011:

      I absolutely love your style! Great interview- congrats!

    6. fine little home on 12/02/2011:

      so fantastic you youthful lady you! ; ) and hello, what a lovely photo of you!

    7. Stephen on 12/02/2011:

      Congratulations! You write and answer questions beautifully. You definitely deserve lots of success

    8. Travis on 12/02/2011:

      Yay! Congratulations Morgan 😉

    9. louise and nivaldo on 12/03/2011:

      Well done, very cool, love your style!!

    10. well done you. great feature!

    11. GoodBonesVintageCo on 12/04/2011:

      Found this treasure while thrifting, and thought of your way cooler fiber art 🙂
      Big congrats on the awesome West Elm feature!

    12. Gina Malewicz on 12/05/2011:

      OMG, I don’t read blogs thoroughly, just look at the pretty pictures…. and all this time, I thought you were a dude!!! Hysterical! Hooray for girls!!! 🙂

    13. simone on 12/06/2011:

      You always made a strong point about not showing any pictures of yourself on your site. I guess your cover is blown now. But you look great. Have a nice day!!!

    14. L on 12/08/2011:

      Great interview; you’re as gorgeous as your house; I don’t blame you for putting off landscaping (dreaming beats dirt any day); how could/would ANYone think you were an older dude, even by your writing???????

    15. julia wheeler on 12/08/2011:

      love your interview AND the WE blog… you’re the raddest.

    16. bigBANG studio on 12/09/2011:

      Off to go read away. YAY TEAM!

    17. Kelly C. on 12/10/2011:

      Congrats! I love your blog. I’m so glad you mentioned others thinking you were a man, I’m so surprised you are a woman, lol! I have no idea why I thought you were a man, but I did. Love, love, love those dressers. I wish I could come get the other one! Keep up the good work!

    18. design elements on 12/10/2011:

      wonderful interview!

    19. jill danyelle on 12/11/2011:

      awesome morgan, congratulations!

    20. ileana on 12/17/2011:

      very good interview. i like your style!

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