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Bedroom Glam

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

On the recent thrifting extravaganza I picked up this fabulous lighting fixture for $50 at the Palm Springs Revival thrift store. It has a very glam seventies vibe which I really am starting to dig right now – admit it – we are all loving Lucite and brass.

When we first moved in we installed this Ikea Fado pendant lamp to replace a broken down mess of a ceiling fan. I love replacing the Ikea with something a little more vintage, eclectic and unique – it just takes time and lots of digging to find those perfect fixtures.

The Boy has now initiated a cease fire on installing ceiling fixtures after all the Jerry rigging we’ve had to do in the last week. Too bad – I’ve got a cute Lightolier fixture that needs to be installed in the kitchen.

Here it is all installed and making the master bedroom just a little sexier.

Just as a personal reminder – here’s that same area in the bedroom almost exactly one year ago to the day.

Another thing that makes this bedroom sexy – this fab vintage pillow thrifted here in town. WOW.


Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the one big thing that really sold me on The Brick House.

It had this weird space in the back of the garage that one day I dream of extending and drywalling and making beautiful/functional.

The studio.

I finally have a real studio! I can make a mess in it and it can smell bad and be filthy and the boy can’t complain. It’s fantastic, even though it looks like some sort of Socialist bowling alley bunker.

It works for me and we will expand – I hope.

I jerry-rigged a lighting system for the studio, since there is only the one window, with color corrected florescent lights that this amazing guy at Home Depot created. Did you know that if they don’t have what you need in-stock the Home Depot will give you a similar replacement at the same cost? I didn’t!

The HD was out of the florescent fixtures I really wanted – so the electrical guy built these out of some random parts. It was pretty amazing, and he must have used like $60 of materials and only charged me $9.98. Awesome.

A new old stove

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Our vintage O’Keeffe and Merritt is installed and almost ready for a pot roast, pork chops, or bundt cake. While I would have loved to go industrial and stainless, the price for a new stove was prohibitive. We have a 40″ stove gap and a tight budget, so even the cheap dent and ding 30″ Sears stoves were out of our price range.

I bought this classic beauty off of craigslist, aahhhh my first love – craigslist.

Theres a bit of an issue with the broiler and oven – they won’t get hot! The griddle and stove top burners work like champs, so I’m forking out $40 to have the pros come and assess the issue.

Oh well, you get what you pay for with vintage. But JESUS that thing looks amazing, which is all that matters…

The interiors of the Youngstown steel cabinets got a new coat of baby pink Rustoleum. We all agreed – they now look like vagina’s.

This is the plug of DOOM. What the hell is going on? There are 3 circuits and a cluster fuck of cables.

This is the plug for our fridge, and isn’t grounded. I tried to screw it back in the wall after we inspected the mess and almost killed myself. An exposed wire hit metal and the thing sparked and went BOOOOOM and threw the breaker. I almost wet my pants, and thought I was going to die. Electrical work is now left to the pros.