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Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the one big thing that really sold me on The Brick House.

It had this weird space in the back of the garage that one day I dream of extending and drywalling and making beautiful/functional.

The studio.

I finally have a real studio! I can make a mess in it and it can smell bad and be filthy and the boy can’t complain. It’s fantastic, even though it looks like some sort of Socialist bowling alley bunker.

It works for me and we will expand – I hope.

I jerry-rigged a lighting system for the studio, since there is only the one window, with color corrected florescent lights that this amazing guy at Home Depot created. Did you know that if they don’t have what you need in-stock the Home Depot will give you a similar replacement at the same cost? I didn’t!

The HD was out of the florescent fixtures I really wanted – so the electrical guy built these out of some random parts. It was pretty amazing, and he must have used like $60 of materials and only charged me $9.98. Awesome.