Bedroom Glam

March 31st, 2009

On the recent thrifting extravaganza I picked up this fabulous lighting fixture for $50 at the Palm Springs Revival thrift store. It has a very glam seventies vibe which I really am starting to dig right now – admit it – we are all loving Lucite and brass.

When we first moved in we installed this Ikea Fado pendant lamp to replace a broken down mess of a ceiling fan. I love replacing the Ikea with something a little more vintage, eclectic and unique – it just takes time and lots of digging to find those perfect fixtures.

The Boy has now initiated a cease fire on installing ceiling fixtures after all the Jerry rigging we’ve had to do in the last week. Too bad – I’ve got a cute Lightolier fixture that needs to be installed in the kitchen.

Here it is all installed and making the master bedroom just a little sexier.

Just as a personal reminder – here’s that same area in the bedroom almost exactly one year ago to the day.

Another thing that makes this bedroom sexy – this fab vintage pillow thrifted here in town. WOW.

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  1. Unfiltered Meghan on 03/31/2009:

    Very cool, love it! What kind of light does that give off?

    My husband has banned me from changing any of the window coverings in our house ever again.

  2. maya on 03/31/2009:

    it looks really good!
    and the pillow !, man. you have a collection by now!

  3. Porcelain on 03/31/2009:

    LOVE the new light fixture!!! Nice glam piece!

    and your pillow cracked me up!

  4. my little apartment on 04/01/2009:

    hahaha, this is just too fabulous…

  5. Bromeliad on 04/01/2009:

    Great light. Love those 70s things that look like some alien could come out of it and steal your brain waves at night.

  6. thebubbreport on 04/17/2009:

    Jonathan Adler WISHES he’d designed that pillow! Awesome blog, I’m totally enjoying it!

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