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Thrifty Art!

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

I went out thrifting in Temecula this weekend and picked up a few small things – one being this ambiguously sexed reclining nude watercolor addition to my collection of thrift store art.

I love the simple black frame and washy background as well as the delicate rendering. I installed it on the wainscoting that encircles the den in order to balance out the little vignette happening on the tension pole wall unit. Ooooh vignette layering, I’m feeling so fancy!

The Boy freaked out when I started hammering a nail in the paneling…he was like “what are you DOING! You can’t make HOLES in the wainscoting”. Which sounded like the silliest thing to yell..wainscoting. What a weird word.

There are all sorts of giant knots and ragged holes in the crappy pine paneling so this little finish nail isn’t our biggest worry. He’s right though – I tend to take down and move paintings almost every week. I do make and patch a lot of holes.

It takes courage to be fabulous…or to make your house look like swiss cheese.

New couch

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Maybe you noticed there was a lovely new very white addition to the den…yes, I can’t deny it. It’s a new (old) couch.

A few months ago my friend and mid century partner in crime Maya emailed me this phone pic of a sofa that was going to be tossed out. I loved the lines and the tufted detail, but the upholstery was being held together by duct tape and springs were popping out of the seat.

But the frame was so RAD.

I was owed a sofa by a friendly dealer who had acquired a bunch of my vintage treasures in a bartering deal. So we emailed the pic to him and he went and saved the sofa from being garbage. It was taken to his upholsterer and redone in a very high end white vinyl. Its soft, durable, and wipes clean with a sponge!

I love it. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, and I’m glad we saved a really great sofa from being trash.

It really lightens up the dark and dreary den and is bigger than the EQ3 sofa which turned out to be too dark and too small for two folks that like to stretch out and watch TV.

Iggy likes to hang out it as well.

All in all it cost me many many pieces of vintage furniture / lighting and $52 in fabric that was not covered in the deal. I removed some clutter that didn’t fit in the house and saved a sofa I really love in return.



Thursday, May 21st, 2009

I picked up this jaunty mid century still life at the Goodwill for $7.99. I really like the color scheme and the quick and fresh way the objects are painted against the nuetral brushy background. It’s signed McCaine – but no I don’t think its one of John’s. Oh wait there is an extra E…nevermind it couldn’t possibly be.

Its chilling in the living room for now.

I really got to stop buying art…I have STACKS littered around the house and shoved in closets. Art is one thing I really can’t resist.