May 29th, 2009

I think I want this.

MASKROS – please come to the USA soon. I’m tired of waiting to see you in person.


Super Design

I’m not sure if when I see it in person I will think it looks too “whimsical” and turn me off completely or if I will love the complicated delicate globe.

Everyone around the blog-o-sphere (I hate that term)* has been hyping this IKEA PS line for soooo long. I just want to see it! I’m worried that this light might just scream IKEA and be everywhere…

On that note, a little story.

I had a cop come into my house (don’t ask) and Officer Snodgrass (seriously) said, “Someone sure likes Ikea” the minute she walked in the front door. The thing is – there was only 1 item from Ikea in the whole house and it was the Stockholm Rand Rug which does scream Ikea. Like all that time I spent vintage hunting and scouring California for reasonably priced MCM furniture boiled down to it ALL being “from Ikea”. Just because of that one giant rug.

Thats why I want to replace it.

* to clarify: I also hate random parenthesis – but I still do it. I know I’m a stupid hypocrite.

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  1. Maria from Sweden on 05/29/2009:

    Haha, that’s so funny – I bought the Rand rug after seeing how gorgeous it looked in your blog! I have a lot more IKEA than that, even though I mix it up with antique stuff too, but the rug is so goodlooking I don’t care if people know it’s IKEA. =)

    And the Maskros light, it’s huuuuge! Much bigger than you might think. And it’s goodlooking from a distance, but looks a little bit too plasticky up close I think. If you do like it though, I don’t think everyone will have it since it’s size sort of limits the number of people who can actually hang it somewhere…

  2. Juli on 05/29/2009:

    I love random parenthesis.

    Glad to hear this Ikea Ps line is still not out in the US. I was starting to think we Canadians were just going to be neglected as usual.

  3. Tikimama on 05/29/2009:

    I love random parenthesis too!

    What’s with the IKEA-hate? I go there for inspiration and ideas, buy a couple of cheap, practical things, and do the rest on my own.

    I don’t think your house looks IKEA-y, but I think people who don’t know any better associate the simple, clean-lined MCM style that you have with them, because that’s their only experience with it.

    If anyone could pull off that light, you could.

  4. Alison on 05/29/2009:

    god i want that pendant for my kitchen soo badly. august is only a few months away….

    maybe the cop was just talking about the general aesthetic, which while much cooler than ikea, shares a lot of the spare, clean elements their stuff favors.

  5. John on 05/29/2009:

    Omg, Officer Snodgrass, lol. Leave it to a small town deputy. It could have been a worse comment from an ignorant person. At least they she recognized it as modern style.

  6. Caitlin on 05/29/2009:

    I feel a dining room remodel coming on as soon as the PS line comes to the US (and if the thing will fit)!

  7. Anonymous on 05/29/2009:

    Yeah, don’t worry about the rug; I think the IKEA comment came from an ignorance of MCM and a general glopping together of all things “clean-lined.” (like my use of parentheses there?)

  8. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/29/2009:

    I heard that light is BIG – which I think will be good. Ugh, I hate waiting.

    I think I just got sad because it sounded like it looked cheap – but I think she meant “modern”.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea…like I have some simple thing like mirrors or dishes or my mouse pad – but they all are pretty utilitarian and not instantly recognizable. I think Ikea does really simple really well – its just a quality issue most of the time. But the price is right.

  9. anna on 05/30/2009:

    yeah, that pendant is big. it is also kind of plastic/cheap looking in real life, sorry but it’s true… well at least it’s very light (almost transparent from a distance) so i guess it’s not _that_ bad. i would recommend some other deisgn though, have you had a look at Le Klint pendants, or the IQ lamp (also danish). you’ll find lots and lots of great white modern style pendants at websites like

    best/anna from stockholm

  10. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/31/2009:

    anna – that was my big worry – that it would look cheap.

    i still like the idea of it, and want to see it in person to see if it can work somewhere…

  11. Anna at D16 on 05/31/2009:

    I have no problem with anything in my house “screaming IKEA”, as long as I like it and it looks right in the space. The fact of the matter is that IKEA often has the right thing with the best design and the best function–regardless of price. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about what IKEA is and isn’t. I wish more attention were paid to the positive aspects of affordable mass production and how in-line that kind of thinking is with the goals of modernism. But I digress…

    It’s funny, I have so much stuff from IKEA, but people tend to think of my house as being chock full of vintage furniture. I think it has something to do with the fact that my house is obviously so old. IKEA stuff looks different in every house it’s in. Since your house is so much more contemporary-looking architecturally, I think the vibe the interior gives off is much more current than the same furnishings would look in my house. Does that make sense?

    That said, I don’t understand the excitement I keep reading about over this lamp. It just looks way too floral for my taste (and yes, too “whimsical”). I think if you want that kind of open, airy effect, you can’t really look beyond Bertjan Pot’s Random Light. It’s PERFECT.

  12. Anna on 06/01/2009:

    Ikea has lots of great designs… of course the price tag needs chinese workers (not so many Children anymore though, i think they cleened up their business some years ago after the big Child-made-rug-thing in the media. However, they still (just like h&m) get some of their best stuff made by stealing designs from young underground designers. still, I do love my ikea ps white metal sideboards…

  13. david on 06/03/2009:

    OMG its so from an ignorance of MCM! Not to worry.

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