ENJE roller shades

August 5th, 2008

The Brick House has a hodge-podge of random window coverings throughout. Most of the windows are uncovered and this unfortunately turns my neighbors into unwitting voyeurs. I bought one ENJE roller shade from Ikea to test out on our den window.

Here it is getting ready for install. The cheapo vinyl “wood” blind came with the house, and I’ve been desperate to tear it down.

Before and After.

I like it well enough, but there do need to be curtains… speaking of…

*Before and after – without the ugggglllly blinds.

I took down the blinds in dining room and hung some sheers. I like how the light filters in, now they just need to be washed…

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  1. Punky Bruise-ster on 08/06/2008:

    The dining room looks great with the sheers! But you are right about the den… the ENJE blind is nice, but doesn’t seem complete. I was also considering them to replace the absolutely hideous 70s macrame roman blinds in our TV room, but was concerned that they are too sheer. Anyway, keep it up, things are looking good!

  2. THE BRICK HOUSE on 08/06/2008:


    the Enje’s are a little sheer at night with the interior light behind them – but super opaque during the day.

    I’m combating that problem with curtains. If I could just find some nice cheap stylish curtains…

    I actually would recommend them, they are affordable and work pretty well if your planning on putting curtains up in more voyueristic spots – plus the filter they light really nice during the day.

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