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Bedroom Curtains…

Monday, September 8th, 2008

and I don’t mean the meaty kind.

I hated the curtain rods in the bedroom – above is an old shot. I started thinking about doing a turnbuckle curtain wire system…like these featured on Apartment Therapy – and I used these instructions.

Here are some of my supplies. I used the Apartment Therapy step by step to install the wire on the back wall and wrapped it around the corner using the eyelet thing below to cover the side wall.

Heres my corner eyelet thing.

Here is the turnbuckle with the wire clamped on…exciting!

Here (finally) is a small preview of the whole thing put together. I used those
DIGNITET clips from Ikea and I’m still working out the kinks…more soon…


Monday, June 16th, 2008

I finished the closet this weekend. Well, that’s a lie, it is almost done. I still need to touch up paint and put bar pulls on the upper cabinet. But for now it looks pretty complete. Here’s the closet progression over the last few months.

And just to emphasis the HORROR that was the master bedroom…a few more lovely shots of the paint job before we moved in. It took 3 coats of Kilz and 3 coats of Behr Ultra Pure White to cover that mess. You can also see where we refinished the floors (both bedrooms had the wood floors painted white! I’m not sure why – the wood was in great shape.)

Some BEFORE and AFTER hotness:

Oh yeah, it feels good to be a gangsta.

Heres some more AFTER shots cause I just can’t stop myself…


Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

My birthday gift from the Boy was this:

The Sami Hayek coverlet set from Target!

I really like it. Its surprisingly well made and warm. Even though it looks kind of shiny in the photo the fabric is actually really matte and a little lighter. I might look for some white sheets, but I hated it when we had our all white bed in the old loft…

It always looked filthy and unexciting. Plus Iggy’s hairs would get everywhere and little black dog hairs are not flattering on an all white bed. Maybe some sort of dusty yellow sheets might look nice…I love yellow.

We do need to figure out some sort of headboard or bed frame solution. Mainly the issue is the windows flanking the bed. The queen size bed is wider than the space between the windows so either the headboard would have to block some of each window or I can magically fool everyone with some awesome kind of curtain solution. I was also thinking of mounting some sort of double cone lamp in the middle space above the bed for reading light. Like I need another lamp…that would make 5 in our tiny bedroom.

I found this one on Ebay and really like it, but I can wait for something else a bit cheaper. Above is my rendering of where it would be hung and what my fan would look like with pink streamers.

I also bought myself a little gift from H&M:

I’ve been longing for a yellow purse with braided handles…and there it was! I love some H&M, but its such a trek to get to any store its rare I get to check out their latest offerings.