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Bed frame

Friday, June 26th, 2009


I found an amazing bed frame for our master bedroom.

Goodbye crappy Ikea frame that caused our pillows to fall through the crack of where a real headboard should be causing many stiff necks in the morning.

Hello vintage Westnofa teak bed frame with floating night stands (with all the original stickers!)

Even Iggy likes it. I was trying to take photos and he wouldn’t get off, what a diva.


I was cruising around on craigslist in the garage sale section hoping to find some kind of estate sale or granny clearing out all her dusty mid century stuff and I stumbled on a yard sale ad that was listed for June 6th and I saw this headboard pictured.

It was already like June 20th so I assumed that it must be gone by now. I’ve been searching for a headboard just like this for FOREVER and decided to take a shot in the dark and emailed to see if its still around.

Obviously, it was…but he wanted $250. Wa-Wah : (
I asked if it had tags or makings and he said it had a Westnofa Norway sticker.


I couldn’t just totally walk away – I mean come one, its hardcore danish modern close to my house – which never happens. Being thrifty I decided to go meet him, have a look at it and then try and haggle haggle haggle. I mean its been unsold for awhile, its an incomplete bed since it just the headboard, who is going to buy it out here except for me…

When we showed up Tuesday there was this whole bed set up in his garage. Somehow he neglected to mention was that it was the WHOLE freaking bed. Oh, and it was way more gorgeous than I expected. It hypnotized me.

So I paid $200.

I broke the rule.

I’m so ashamed…but I’ve reasoned that I got two nightstands, a headboard, and a bed frame…so technically a GREAT deal for four things. I know, its thin logic.

Whatever – just look it it! It will hypnotize you too with its Euro sexiness.

Bedroom Kilim

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

The Ace Hotel inspired me to move my new kilim runner to the bedroom.

LOVE it!

Musical chairs

Friday, June 5th, 2009

I moved the pair of Bertoia diamond chairs from the living room into the master bedroom to modern things up a bit…well and because they got pushed out of the living room by the new butterfly chair and orange lounger.

The Bertoia diamond chairs replaced this pair of Brown Jordan chairs. So, to keep track…the bedroom before is above with the more regency style chairs.

Then the Brown Jordan faux bamboo chairs ended up moving to the kitchen breakfast bar to replace the Bertoia side chairs

Which then had to be moved out to the patio…

So to recap, a little diagram:

Living room—-Bertoia Diamond—Bedroom—Jordan Brown Faux Bamboo—Kitchen—-Bertoia Side—-Patio

Wow that was lame! And for another equally lame recap:

I have many chairs and only one butt. (-/ = chair, 3 = butt)

-/ -/ -/ -/ -/ -/ > 3

I’m just super addicted to chairs – its like crack. I gotta get my fix.