September 11th, 2009

I am addicted to finding the right linens for the master bedroom, but I fail time and time again. The process of how to dress a bed that looks inviting and casual is a huge mystery to me. I can’t seem to get that right look and have gone through numerous sets of duvets in search of it.

Ikea sucked me in yet again promising that the BLÅSIPPA dark gray duvet would solve all my bedroom issues.

The BLÅSIPPA turned out to be a dog drool magnet. Iggy DROOLS like crazy for a little tiny dog and was super offended that I woke him up to make the bed for a couple of shots.

I tried to grab a shot of his drool puddle before it dried but failed. This pic doesn’t really do justice to the size and quantity he left.

The gray of the BLÅSIPPA is nice but has a bit of a sheen and purple undertone that isn’t working out the way I hoped. So the hunt will continue for something more along these lines…


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  1. J. Fudo on 09/11/2009:

    Try an army surplus store. I found great gray wool blankets there. at the very least they will make a nice throw…

  2. jamie on 09/11/2009:

    Eff. Linens are to me also, what feels like a life long battle. With an added struggle; something about my husbands skin/oil DISCOLORS linens. (and makes white ones…. Dingy) the man showers right before bed, and yet. My last resolve, F it! I'm just going to buy NEW white sheets every 3 months!

    But that would get expensive. Sigh.

  3. Anonymous on 09/11/2009:

    I really liked the jorun blanket you had. Is that an ESU I see in your bedroom??? In what capacity do you use it? Clothes or just plain old storage. Can you post a picture of it? That's on my wish list for when I get a bigger place. More green with envy, I feel like I'm turning into the incredible hulk! Sue 🙂

  4. Ana on 09/11/2009:

    You are so close to the 1st picture it's not even funny.

    Keep your duvet and pillows, add white sheets and a second set of pillows/pillowcases in white.

    and an wool army blanket:




    and viola!

    Not to be nosy but I see another portrait behind Iggy, I'd throw that on the wall next to the lady portrait, maybe add a few more to create a gallery.

    just my 2 cents!

  5. Vicki @ Piccolo Takes All on 09/11/2009:

    I've been really liking the look of grey army blankets lately, but they can be a bit rough. The drape of the grey blanket in the last reference photo above makes me think it could be a fleece throw.

  6. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/11/2009:

    OMG Jamie – The Boy has the exact same problem. White sheets are totally outlawed. Too many have fallen prey to his weird sweat.

    Thats why its been so hard with the bed. White sheets would make it so easy.

    Sue, The Eames Storage Unit in the bottom pick is not my house. I wish! I really like their bed.

  7. Juli on 09/11/2009:

    Buying linens is right up there with buying day to day underwear. It's expensive and never works out. I actually once bought a fitted sheet that shrunk in the first washing and I couldn't return it. Those were some expensive rags. We like those DWR ones but they are pricey and we have to order online without seeing/feeling the product first hand. Recenlty we bought a nice grey linen duvet cover that seems to be working ok…a tiny bit wrinkly. I missed the white sale at Au Lit Fine Linens in Toronto this August, which is a bummer because I thought that maybe investing in a nicer product might might last longer than ikea or department store ones. But I ramble…

  8. jamie on 09/11/2009:


    he turns PEWTER sheets PINK!

    not any better! worse!

    I bought a light sage green, which went kind of pale yellow before I moved onto this kind of natural ecru, which so far are impervious, but the whole color is just too dirty…. and i'm unhappy.

  9. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/11/2009:

    Totally the same here. I gave up and have been using black jersey ones from target. those have been the only ones not to change color…

    i hate them. they are so ugly. Its impossible.

  10. Audrey on 09/12/2009:

    I actually went to the army surplus store and got those cool old grey blankets and use them as throws and bed blankets and couch covers. Awesome grey colour, and super durable. Also easily replacable if my puppy stools or pees or chews on it.

  11. Audrey on 09/12/2009:

    DROOLS not stools! Haha. Stupid iPhone predictive text. Haha

  12. jamie on 09/12/2009:

    poor us.

  13. Anonymous on 09/14/2009:

    I am seeking a similar look and noticed that West Elm has some gray bedding this season…

  14. Anonymous on 09/14/2009:

    I think the west elm bedding looks nice–I haven't seen it in person yet, but I have a duvet cover from west elm from about 5 years ago that is still in good shape. http://www.fatiguesarmynavy.com/store/subcat/143

  15. Anonymous on 09/14/2009:
  16. Anonymous on 09/27/2009:

    I've also been admiring the bed in that first picture from DWR and trying to find nice (and cheaper!) grey sheets. Not sure if these are what you're looking for, but I figured I'd throw them on the pile


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