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Light it up

Monday, June 1st, 2009

I found this 70’s brass ball light at a junkyard by my house for $7. I’ve tried cleaning it up, but it had been sitting outside for awhile and suffered a bit of wear and tear to the brassy finish. it works great though.

Its sort of floated around the house not really feeling “right” anywhere and I didn’t really think of putting it in the master bedroom since it wasn’t part of a pair. I slammed it on the nightstand since I desperately needed a reading light and ended up really liking it with the crazy glam chandelier. A pair may be overkill though and I’m not sure if I need another bedside light…

I do need a headboard. I’m thinking a long and lean finished plywood panel…hmmmm.

So the other thought is having a totally different type of light. Is it really fussy to have two totally different lights next to a bed? I was thinking of doing some sort of wall mounted black Bauhaus style industrial light on the other side.

Like this.

Or this

But you know “inspired” by. There is no way I’m buying a lamp for like thousands of dollars. I’m looking for something in the price range of 10’s of dollars.

New Lamp

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

I got a fancy looking vintage lamp this weekend from Amsterdam Modern. Ellen is having a sidewalk sale of 20 – 50% off items this upcoming weekend May 9th from 11 – 4pm, to make room for a bunch of new imported goodies. If you are in the Los Angeles area – I’d say this is a sale not to be missed. She has the most wonderful lighting and furniture to die for.

I need to rewire the lamp since it still has its European electrical, but for the price it was such a deal. I am totally going gaga for plastic Scandinavian lighting from the 70’s.

Portrait of a Lady

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

So where did the lovely lady portrait from the dining room face off end up?

Probably in the worst place ever…

Right over my bed!

Nothing says sexy like a vintage octogenarian judging you while getting your groove on. Well I don’t know, that red dress she’s got on is pretty racy. What a whore!

I still need to hang some bed side lights and install a headboard. I’ve got a plan, now I just need some action…

The other good thing? The new ladies outfit does match the lovely light switch. Let us never forget about that awesome thing.