September 24th, 2009

I’m listening.

Better or worse?

Oh, did I ever mention that I picked up a couple of hanging egg chairs a while back? Nope? Let me introduce one.

You can’t see the other side cause the Boy is still sleeping…

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  1. Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog on 09/24/2009:

    Wow, it's totally different!
    I love that chair, but I think I'm missing the pop of yellow above the dresser. The quilt is a fun touch. I'd like to see the other side…

  2. mm on 09/24/2009:

    the first thing i noticed was the delightful tapestry you added to the bed. it adds lots of color to the room. i also noticed that you switched out a smaller oil painting for a larger one–either one works for me, but the current one does demand more attention because of its size. i miss the objects that formerly lived on the dresser. the two stools that replaced the long bench are an airy or lighter addition. the egg chair in the corner is very very cool! perhaps the plant you had in the room is just not visible in these new photos, but if it's not in the room I vote to keep it. great job!

  3. Elissa on 09/24/2009:

    Holy crap, he's sleeping through your redecorating? I like it, but I just want to put one or two things on the dresser and some pillows in those rattan benches. Nice egg chair by the way.

  4. Kristen on 09/24/2009:

    Love the egg chair, coverlet, granny.

    Also, the ceiling light looks rad with the coverlet. (Wonder if it still fights with the pendants?)

    I'm missing the plant, for sure, and something is off about the rattan benches. The up-curve fights with the symmetry of lining them side-by-side at the foot of the bed (and not in a good way). Bring back that bench or, better yet, try something new.

    And I agree that you need SOMETHING on the dresser… I love the clean look, so maybe just a ceramic vase or a small stack of books.

  5. 60'S GIRL on 09/24/2009:

    ok i finally have to comment, i have been lurking for a LONG TIME!!!. brick house you are a woman after my own heart. i check your blog everday, and look forward to it like a good cup of coffee. first of all i would like to say that i thought i was the only maniac moving things around the house. finally, i have come across someone like me. yay!!!

    ok-lets get to your bedroom…..keep the dresser it breaks up all the mid mod stuff.
    put the bench back, and either keep the center pendant light or the side hanging lights, but not both. they fight each other. bring the plant back. just keep doing what your doing.

    ps-because of you i have added a vintage oil portrait painting and kilim rug in my house.
    brick house you ROCK!!!

  6. Jennifer on 09/24/2009:

    I'm thinking you need some type of window treatment – even if it's just blinds, although I'd like to see some curtains. Maybe move the two rattan benches to either side of the dresser? The space between the benches and the dresser looks a bit cramped. But then you'd have to move the egg chair, which is totally awesome btw. Agree that you need something on top of the dresser, maybe a yellow bowl, some pop-y color, as everything is sort of brown right now.

    You're getting there, though!

  7. My Farmhouse Kitchen on 09/24/2009:

    I finally got a full view of that WINNER WINNER black dresser that I have been lusting after for so long. What's the deal with the pictures over it though. I really don't care for either one ( personal opinion,yea, yea,).
    One looks like Queen Elizabeth and the other looks like Nicole Kidman packing 30 extra lbs.

    I know you have something up your sleeve for the wall over that beauty…..

    P.S. the boy still sleeping is hysterical.

  8. Monique on 09/24/2009:

    Ah, mixing it up. I'm really liking the egg chair. I was cruising some of the old bedroom looks and thought you might want to play around with the bench and the cowhide again in this space.

    I'm curious to see what else is going on in the rest of the room. Perhaps we should see the sleeping boy. You know, you could always put Iggy on top of the dresser; babies and little dogs always win people over.

  9. Anonymous on 09/24/2009:

    I do not like it! I love what you normally do, but I felt the other bench at the foot of the bed, worked so much better. the egg chairs are just of a different aesthetic, also.

    I'm sorry to be a negative nancy, I do not wish to be. I love the other things you do! keep up the good work. and keep trying out different things!

  10. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/24/2009:

    I give up.

    Design by committee is just not working.

  11. lisa tomiko on 09/24/2009:

    I love the egg chair! I like the old bench better than the rattan though… something about that across from the black dresser worked well together. I miss your old vignette above the dresser. It looks so empty now. Maybe if you just keep playing around with new vignettes, perhaps using a few larger objects? I also think you should bring back the plant. As for the bed side of the room, from the last time I saw it, I thought that the hanging lamps above the side tables looked nice from the foot of the bed, but awkward when you see them from the side when you enter the room. Plus they compete a bit with the AMAZING bronze lighting in the middle of the room. Maybe some vintage sconces? Or mismatched lamps for each side of the bed? I'm sure you could work some simple vignetting magic on each side of the bed. I'm also not digging the paining on the ground next to the mirror. I do like the new bedding (a throw? it almost looks like the rug)… maybe you need some random thrifted pillows to go with it. The most recent bed pictured look very unlivable with all those solid, perfectly layered pillows.

    I hope that didn't sound too negative. I think your home is gorgeous and you're inspiring me to redo my bedroom using only things I already own. I love the challenge!!

  12. my little apartment on 09/24/2009:

    yep, it's tough considering everyone's suggestions.

    and I'm totally jealous of those egg chairs. like, REALLY jealous.

  13. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/24/2009:

    Dean, you should be. They are rad.
    They need some TLC though….

    $100 for both!

  14. Tony Paul on 09/24/2009:

    See how great a chair looks in a corner?
    Although I'm not a personal fan of egg chairs in rattan if find it works here.
    The painting is much more in proportion to the dresser, although you must feel she's staring at you in bed, but that is another problem.
    Quilt : lovely, really lovely. I'm also thinking of usin a carpet-kilim-tapestry like cover on my bed at the moment.

    A bowl or vase on the dresser, a colored cushion in the chair. Try using the colors in the painting…that would look chic, although attracting attention to the stepmother in red. The bench was better than the two stools though, and the glam ceiling light still bothers me.
    I find it better anyhow 🙂
    You're getting there, don't give up!

  15. abchao on 09/24/2009:

    Design by committee never works, because other people's opinions are consistently at odds with yours and each other's.

    However: it looks better this way.

  16. Monique on 09/24/2009:

    I think I would have given up the design-by-committee after about 3 comments myself.

    You probably just need to walk away from it for a bit and come at it with your own fresh eyes -I guess this means you're sleeping on the couch.

  17. Alison on 09/24/2009:

    Just chiming in to say I love the quilt. It's a nice pattern in the room! And it looks fantastic with the dresser and the jute (and the light fixture).

  18. modfrugal on 09/24/2009:

    I feel quite upset that you negelected to mention the AWESOMENESS that is the egg chair/s score. Kidding, but seriously..sweet. I am green that you can score such great stuff in your locale….needle in a haystack where I am. Keep it up – don't let the committee get you down.

  19. Retro-luxe on 09/24/2009:

    I really, like it, but I liked it before too. Egg chair is divine. I like how the space is less crowded around the dresser. Like the more mature portrait lady but I'm missing the yellow planter and lamp on your dresser. And do bring back the mother-in-law tongue plant. I hope you left those pendant lights! I think I may be the only one but I think they rocked with the glam-brass fixture. Way to put together a room, FAST Brick House!

  20. Anonymous on 09/24/2009:

    better in that it is pared down but i miss the green of the plant. like the bed cover with the hanging light. i liked the other way as well.

  21. Lindsey on 09/25/2009:

    I liked it better the first way with the other bench and chairs. One thing about the chairs, however, that I thought could use some tweaking was the placement. If they were moved a little bit closer to the dresser and angled slightly the room might appear cosier. Also, I know that having curtains would take away from the clean geometric thing going on, but I think it is the missing factor. Nothing too out there but a simple clean gesture.

  22. Jessica on 09/25/2009:

    Oh I think you are moving in the right direction.

    Have we ever talked about curtains (or lack there of) in your house? Are you opposed to them, or have you just not gotten there?

  23. Jessica on 09/25/2009:

    Oh but wait, I LOVED the painting and accessories on/above the dresser. PUT THEM BACK!

  24. jkc on 09/25/2009:

    Yep, design by committee doesn't work because you get people like me who LOVE doors on shelves while the rest of the internet hates them 🙂
    Of course, as you know, it comes down to do you *love* it. If not change it or, as you said earlier, leave it for a different project and come back to this room with fresh eyes.
    BTW, if I knew where The Brick House was, I would come in the night and steal those hanging egg chairs. LOVE THEM!!!

  25. 60's girl on 09/25/2009:

    yeah, you know what they say when there are to many cooks in the kitchen!

  26. Stephanie on 09/25/2009:

    I LOVE that quilt on the bed! Your bed needed that! I think the rug blends in too much with the floor though. Looking good!

  27. krisel keeper on 09/25/2009:

    Who cares what we all say. It's YOUR room! But I must admit I've been loving the commentary. Some good, some funny, some ummm.

    I think it's safe to say we are ALL sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see what you do with every inch of your space. Says a lot about your taste!

  28. megan on 09/25/2009:

    dude – just trust yourself. that's what makes homes unique. there's not one right answer. stop futzing and enjoy your fabulous finds.

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