Master Bedroom

September 23rd, 2009

Iggy is so bored with me futzing around in the bedroom. I’m boring myself.

I can’t figure the stupid thing out. I think it needs a DRAMATIC change, although this room has come a long way from red, blue, and green enamel.

OK, here is WAY more photos than you could ever want or need to see. I’m totally, insanely, documenting every inch and angle so that I can somehow unravel the mystery of making it rad.

I retract the whole entering the bedroom contest thing. Not going to do it.

Maybe it all just needs a hell of an editing, or fresh eyes, or like an explosion of glitter and shit. That painting above the bed has got to go, the kilim is too small, the vignette is awful, the mirror has to go, the nightstands need styling, and there needs to be like a wow moment or something. I’m dreaming of dark walls, but that may have to be reserved for the guest bedroom. I think I need to stop working on our master bedroom for awhile and move on to a new project.

Blech. I’m like in the rutiest of ruts. Jeff Lewis help me. Make it bland but high end! Oh god, I’m watching too much Bravo.

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  1. krisel keeper on 09/23/2009:

    So, here is my 2 cents worth. Feel free to leave it. And, I must add this is my commentary with only pictures to look at. Being in a room is very different.

    I love, love, love your bed, bedding and hanging lamps. I love the plant, chairs, bench and rug. But I'm not digging the dresser… it doesn't seem to flow with the bed, bench or chairs. I like the piece but not there.

    That wall also feels like there is too much on it. But , I like simplicity almost to the point of too much negative space. …which brings me to the lamp in the center of the room. It feels like its the "third wheel" to the other two lamps. I love it on its own but not there.

    Just my thoughts. I really, really do love the changes. I'm super jealous of that bed!!!!

  2. Tony Paul on 09/23/2009:

    Maybe placing the painting above the bed off-center? That side looks really formal, so symetrical like this, but the size of the picture is good. Everything is symetrical actually, maybe putting the chairs in a corner?
    And I agree with krisel on the ceiling lamp that looks odd as opposed to the bubble lamps.
    Kilim + bench + bed looks perfect though. And the chest of drawers doesn't bother me at all.

  3. Anonymous on 09/23/2009:

    I love your house and look forward to reading your blog everyday.
    My recommendation is to replace the dresser – it does not go with your room.
    Also replace the painting over the bed. I notice a blue painting propped up next to the mirror, maybe you should try that.
    Replace the overhead light fixture and remove the kilim.
    Your bed is awesome!!

  4. Anonymous on 09/23/2009:

    I love the dresser in this room!! I think the vignette works great too. I also think that the butterfly and bertoia chairs look great, but make that wall seem a little staged, since it doesn't appear that the chairs are really sit-able as they are so close to the wall. The rug/kilim/bench is perfect. Love the nelson pendants, but am hating the ceiling lamp – I know it's fabulous and I'm supposed to love it, but I think it takes away from the bubble lamps.

  5. modernemama on 09/23/2009:

    Are you trying to make me jealous? Love the bed area, it's perfect but I think you're right about the dresser – clear it off and go bigger and bolder, starting with the art above

  6. Retro-luxe on 09/23/2009:

    Hey Brick House. Everything is coming along splendidly in your beautiful home. Here are a few thoughts to help you with your obsession.

    I like the dresser and the dresser decor. Like that it doesn't match with the rest. Like that it's black. Love the pendant lamps. Love the ceiling lamps. All look great with the kilim.

    I think the space on the wall with the dresser is a bit heavy. I would start by removing the sheep fur throws. And then maybe even take out the wire chairs. You could just use the rattan pieces that you have there. I agree with you that the art over the bed isn't right. It's the right size and the gold frame it's in looks great with the fixture, I'd go for something less playful/retro kitschy and more heavy and dramatic…say an oil painting of a handsome bullfighter or a nice landscape.

    I think you need to inject some color more grandeur in the form of some soft textiles in the bedroom. Check out the solid silk quilt at Urban Outfitters. Then add a single 60s silk pouf pillow in hot pink or turquoise for a little punch of color and humor.

    Have fun!

  7. emilyjp23 on 09/23/2009:

    the room is completely symmetrical, which is working well, but it could be why you think it is bothering you. sometimes that makes things too neat and tidy and everything looks sterile (although, with your taste, im not sure that is possible! You go girl!)
    i cant see the floor exactly, but is there a way to overlap the rugs in an asymmetrical way?
    What is the large mirror reflecting? if its that large in scale, make sure it is capturing something great. i hope its giving you double pleasure of that pendant light!
    What about treating the wall behind the bed differently than the rest? maybe hang one of the fabulous Kilim rugs you find. That would add depth, texture, color and warmth.

    It will come to you…this interior designer loves your style!

  8. Katie on 09/23/2009:

    i agree with someone above about the room seems very symmetrical, maybe look at how you can start to break up the symmetry. you have a lot of great impact pieces (the lighting, chairs, art) but for some reason i'm having a hard time seeing how it all works together – this could be because i'm looking at it in photos though. i'm actually liking the idea of painting the walls dark, i think it could help make certain pieces pop, like the nelson lamps, and other pieces blend more – like the dresser. anyway, sorry for the random thoughts… i know that whatever you decide will be great 🙂

  9. alexkeller on 09/23/2009:

    i think the room blends together well. maybe too well? there needs to be that element of surprise, maybe? and as I was looking, i noticed the yellow, and a bit of red, which led me to the last primary color – blue. there's just a touch on the painting on the floor, but maybe you could use a bright blue hue in some accessories: a throw, a vase, the painting over the bed…

  10. Alison on 09/23/2009:

    I love the dresser. Keep it! But I agree about the main pendant. It kind of fights with the bedside lamps.

    One of my favorite things about your room is the little yellow planter on the dresser. The color stands out so much among the more muted tones of the rest of the room. Have you thought about adding some bright yellow or green pillows to your bed?

  11. my Trampoline on 09/23/2009:

    this IS rad

    i actually like the leaning mirror

    love the dino painting, but not there

    agree ceiling light + pendants is too much (wonder how that ikea pendant would look here)

    you could switch the dresser, but keep the black

    wait, i forgot, did you ask for feedback?

    ps i love that this is all about critique, but not in an AT snarky kind of way

  12. on 09/23/2009:

    Rifling through your Inspiration tags, seems like you gravitate and edit towards simplicity. Looking at how you've edited your living room, you've reduced the number of focal points or at least made them more linear (sofa>lamp>chairs>fireplace), maybe happiness lies in following the logic you created there. If not, I have a confetti cannon you can use for the glitter.

  13. S@sha on 09/23/2009:

    You have great furniture, and I love the way you are constantly tweaking things. I think the comments about symmetry are the key. The design of your headboard with built-in matching bedside tables, combined with the matching hanging pendants is a lot of symmetry. I think there should only be one chair– the one closer to the closet because it functionally makes more sense there. Then I think you should do something unexpected like paint the ceiling grey to add some visual contrast between the structure of the room. With the two windows in the corner the bright light kind of washes out the space and another paint color would help define it.

  14. Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog on 09/23/2009:

    Aww. I've had days like this too. I really like your room, but maybe you just need a little change. I've noticed that middle of the room is very dark (bed, floor, dresser) while the border of the room contains all of the pops of color. Maybe it's time to inject some color into the center of the room?

  15. Jo in NZ on 09/23/2009:

    Similar thoughts to many of those who have already commented. No prob with dresser or kilim for me. Agree with lightening up the load on the dresser wall, tho. Also, agree that ceiling light fights somewhat with pendants. Itching to de-symmetricalise the painting above your bed! And wanting to see the jewel-bright silk pillows that Retro_Luxe mentions. So close, you are — keep showing oodles of pics, can't get enough.

  16. Monique on 09/23/2009:

    I think it's missing your usual subtle f*ck you!

  17. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/23/2009:


  18. Kristen on 09/23/2009:

    Ditto the ceiling lamp–love the pendants.

    Keep the black dresser, I want to come and steal it for myself.

    Agree to lose the Bertoia chairs beside the dresser. Love the butterfly, though.

    Yes, hang whatever ends up above the bed assymmetrically (3"-6" to the left is my inclination, but I'm not sure the actual dimensions just looking at the pics). And maybe another, smaller, square something to the right, lined up with the bottom of the large frame.


  19. Tara on 09/23/2009:

    Bedroom = RAD. I like the dinosaur painting and the hanging pendants look great. Wish my bedroom looked half as nice. Good luck – please do enter the contest.

  20. Tony Paul on 09/23/2009:

    I know I'm repeating myself, but on looking at the pictures again , I think the butterfly chair would be gorgeous placed at an angle in the corner, where the plant is. It would break the symmetry, the angles and make everything a bit more cosy. I'm even ready to beleive it would make the room look bigger…Those chairs have got lovely lines, it's a bit of a pity to hide them under the sheepskins.

  21. Ashley on 09/23/2009:

    I think your bedroom is pretty rad the way it is. Maybe that's not what you want to hear, but I'm pretty jealous… Please don't trash the dresser! I love it! Things don't always have to match to work well together.

  22. stlstl on 09/23/2009:

    I guess I'll put in my 2 cents, although I think you have great style anyway and would love your 2 cents on my place. I like the scale of the picture above your bed and like it in the middle, but it looks like it belongs in the kitchen. Please DO NOT put the dino picture over the bed, I know you have plenty of other artwork to choose from. As for the chairs, I like either in there, love the sheepskin on them, but maybe just go with one or angle both in the corner. That wall does look like you just put one piece of furniture next to another (no disrespect meant). I think you should ditch either the table, but leave the plant or the ottoman, both is too much. Love the layered rugs and the bench and the dresser. Overhead lighting does need to go, the bubble pendants are totally cool. I think maybe something simple hanging from the ceiling in white. just my thoughts. Sue

  23. bianca on 09/23/2009:

    who painted that rad dino painting? that is wonderful. and i love the double layering of the rugs. nice yellow grey moments without being too matchy matchy. love the real life dog yawn.

    overall its looking very nice.

  24. meg on 09/24/2009:

    the dresser is awesome! don't listen to anyone who says otherwise! I think the chairs on either side are a bit much. Too matchy matchy. Maybe only one chair? I love the dinosaur panting, but it seems out of place, it just looks a little lost, like you haven't commited to it. And the hanging lamps are just ridiculously awesome, but the overhead light makes it a little 70's overkill. I'd go for something simpler overhead. Ok. enough of my silly little opinions.

  25. meg on 09/24/2009:

    oh and everything about the painting above the bed is perfect: the size, the color, the placement. don't change a thing.

  26. meg on 09/24/2009:

    oh and go enter the contest! you rock.

  27. Stephanie on 09/24/2009:

    I think you need to paint!

    Another idea, I don't know if you'd be into this, but perhaps adding molding details to the walls. I think it would be an interesting juxtaposition with your MCM look (at least in my head) but it might be too much…

    Just my 2c!

  28. Anonymous on 09/24/2009:

    Though you technically didn't ask anyone's opinion (well, 'cept Jeff Lewis–and I'm no Jeff Lewis, that's fo' sho), I feel compelled to share mine. Why? Well, because I love your home, your style, your dog, your everything. Love it!
    However, I wonder if your bedroom doesn't just have plain old too much stuff in it? A quick list: bed with two nightstands, two rugs, two pendant lamps, ceiling lamp, dresser lamp, mirror, three paintings, bench, two side chairs, dresser, rattan ottoman, side table, large planter…did I miss anything? Perhaps the space is just overwhelmed and all the awesomeness is competing? That's a bit what it feels like to me. Have you tried taking everything out (well, except the bed, the dresser, and the Nelsons) and starting over? Or is it possible to put the bed on the other wall?

  29. Anonymous on 09/24/2009:

    maybe oversized handles on your closet a la gemma ahern? like you did on your bookshelf doors? with a wild burst of color as she did. turquoise or blue like the pillow in one of your inspiration bedroom photos with the gray walls.

  30. Adele on 09/24/2009:

    It's amazing! I can't believe the 'before' pics. To justify vicariously living through your blog for this last hour (while my own shambles of a house groans and creaks around me, dishes mount up, work is untouched), here's my opinion from Adelaide, Australia: love the dinosaur, rattan, dresser, bench and kilim. I agree with perhaps losing the symmetry and just have one chair (go a wee Bertoia), get rid of the sheepskin and adding a splash of colour to the bed.

    Personally your other paintings are a bit 'beigey yellow' in tone to be there. And I'd love to see the blonde girl painting against a darker background somewhere else, she's an absolute shocker.

  31. THE BRICK HOUSE on 09/24/2009:

    I always imagine myself to be a bit of a minimalist, but somehow I think that list reflects that I'm not in real life. Thats a lot of shit.

    The bed is stuck there, the windows are too low for it to go on the other side. I'm moving shit out and starting over right now…but what you guys don't see is that I've done that like 4 times. Then I just keep cramming stuff back in after a day.

    The closets are getting the gemma ahern treatment.

    I think a grey ceiling is an awesome idea. Who wants to come over and paint?

  32. Peggy on 09/24/2009:

    Did you do the dinosaur painting? It's awesome!!! I so want to see more of your art all over your home.

    I have opinions for your bedroom – but I think you have enough opinions to work with. I'd like to see quite a bit edited, and a hot pink or turquoise silk pillow on the bed. And I'd like to see you do a custom painting for over the bed. How about two dinos kissing? You know something edgey and romantic?

  33. The visual escapist on 09/24/2009:

    I absolutely love your lamps! The painting over the bed, however, does not fit too well with the darker furniture and cannot quite keep up with those funky lamps.

    Also, do you not need space for mess in your bedroom? I think there are too many pillows and chairs not meant to sit in, really, just filling up the room.

    My advice would be not to change too much, just the painting and take out some of the chairs or at least some of those pillows which makes the room look overly styled…

  34. sulu-design on 09/24/2009:

    Don't know how or where I found you, but I'm so glad I recently did. Love your blog.

  35. Living In NYC on 10/04/2009:

    This is so good! Gonna have to bite this. Thanks for leaving that comment on my blog, so good to see a photo of this. I'm really enjoying your blog, that DIY shelving unit is so fresh!!

  36. wool and misc on 10/29/2009:

    your dog is DARLING!

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