January 28th, 2013


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Like a lot of folks right now, I got slapped down and made the flu’s bitch for the past couple weeks. It was unseemly and awfully rude, but now it seems like I’m slowly getting back to business. All that time spent in bed tossing and turning with fever dreams and paralyzing full body anxiety brought on by being completely useless in general when I HAD SHIT TO DO, gave me a great opportunity to feel still more awful since I started obsessing over the shameful progress of our kitchen renovation.

What has happened kitchen reno wise? I changed the light fixture. So, great progress since 2011.

Hey now, I did buy the Ikea Numerar Countertops¬†about a year and a half ago. So I tried. I mean, they’ve been sitting in our garage gathering dust and disappointment, but whatever. No big deal. I’m not a loser.

*I’m kind of a loser.



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When I step into the kitchen I get so pissy looking at those forever unclean looking turquoise linoleum counters that I dream that my concentrated hatefulness would somehow make them get gone and wood appear. Then facts ruin it. I don’t have the time or budget or willpower to update the kitchen right now. Sad face.

For now, I’m bookmarking this great tutorial from a few years ago about installing and treating Ikea’s wood countertops as a way to bone up on what we need to do. But before anything gets demoed? I need a sink. And tile. And a faucet. And I need help. So much help.

Consider this a Shame Post to get my shit together and make our kitchen look just a little less funkytown, you know, before another year slips by.

OH, and if you guys have used these counters yourself and have any install tips or treatment advice, please feel free to share. Personally, I don’t mind if the wood gets worn and dinged and used looking. I like character and the imperfections don’t kill me. Plus, the price for these was right for my budget and this house in general.


January 14th, 2013




2013 feels so 2012 and not like the future at all.

Apologies for looking and sounding like a broken record, but I haven’t had many ‘blog-able’ ideas or much time to work on or even clean up the house. Sorry about that house, all my supplies are piled everywhere and my brain energy has been consumed with getting the CAMP shop running and not with your maintenance. Also, you look awful. Perhaps being ambitiously naive, I fully expected to have been launched and chugging along with everything about mid January; despite certain obvious clues like say this half decade long and ongoing renovation. Unexpected material delays as well as tackling peripheral details like packaging (oh yeah, duh) have pretty much made a mockery of my plans and pushed things back.

So, February-ish. Lets say then?

In the meantime, I’ve been stockpiling vintage textiles and making pillows with much help from my sister. Above are a few samples of the latest Saltillos as well as a peek at the Ruffian, a pillow made from vintage surplus army canvas with a rough cut and hefty surged edge detail. Yeah, it’s a pretty manly pillow.



OK, I am a one woman tornado of making things and interweb wrangling, but hope to be back working on the house and posting better stuff here soon.

In the meanwhile, any sweet advice / tips for the CAMP shop (our independent retail in general)? What do love / hate when you buy stuff online? I mean, like I despise loose packing peanuts but love opening things which are ready to use immediately (*basically not needing an extra pillow insert, special bulb or whatever in order to start using it).

Anyways. Thanks.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve been loving designing and making everything and how completely impatient I am to get this whole thing rolling.



December 19th, 2012









Hey. Whats up? No way, really? Yeah me to.

Oh look, it’s some images that have been floating around my instagram over the last few weeks. Some feature Bea, the most featheriest chihuahua in all the land and some don’t. Some feature CAMP products in the works or highlight a few changes around the house. One features old chicken skin face Bowie and I guess they all sort of feature the holiday doldrums. Try and tell which is which. Great job. You win.

Holidays over yet?


Will someone please get me when they are?