February 5th, 2013




I’ve had it with trying to make everything CAMP line up perfectly to launch all at once in some sort of culmination of perfect perfection. I’m tired of talking about it, I’m tired of waiting – so screw it. Here’s a quick and dirty Flash Sale for Lovers.

Valentines day seems like a thing? Do you have a lover or something? Did you need a last minute stylish token of love that says hey, I like you and I respect you, but I want to do things with your body? Well, here are a few small baubles and bits to consider that might help you get busy.

For Her?



For Him?



This small batch of things in limited quantities will be available through Friday. Domestic shipping only (sorry), but hey, it all ships for FREE in the US. Orders will be sent out Friday/Saturday and will arrive to you before the 14th.


Also, everything comes with neutral packaging to keep things tasteful?

Maybe someone stylish you know needs a few good basics for everyday living?

Maybe its time to treat yourself? I don’t know!

: |

Thanks to everyone for putting up with all this CAMP crap. It’s been all consuming and I know the blog and house have suffered. Wait, does anyone read blogs anymore? I don’t know! I’m terrible at blogs! I need a girl to model my necklaces because Jeremy just looks silly! I am surrounded by dudes! Someone remodel my kitchen! I hate my pink tub and gross bathrooms! My dining room is a messy workshop! My life is chaos! The dogs are making me crazy! Weeds are growing out of control everywhere! Teenagers are loud and disrespectful! Hemet is a nightmare! I want a forever lazy!

Happy V-Day.


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  1. Missy, Hemet is a nightmare, says one local girl to another. But I like your camp.

  2. Katherine on 02/05/2013:

    OMG, that oval Daily Pill is GORGEOUS and I am not a fan jewelry.

  3. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/05/2013:

    Katherine – for real. that one is my new everyday necklace. I cant wait to get some shots of these on a lady, the scale is great and the whole thing is delicate but weighty.

  4. Fat Cat on 02/06/2013:

    Yes of course people still read blogs !!! At least I do ! Please don’t have any silly ideas like stop blogging…
    God, I would love to get one your keystraps, but sadly I’m in the ‘no international shipping’ group. Very sad !

  5. Erin | Holtwood Hipster on 02/06/2013:

    Love it all Morgan. Branding is killer. I think I’ll be treating myself thank you…

  6. Rose Duggan on 02/06/2013:

    So excited for this.

    Also, voted for you over at Apartmenttherapy. I also voted for Manhattan Nest and SFGirlbyBay. So I may have negated the vote. I couldn’t help it.

  7. Erin on 02/06/2013:

    The shop looks great, and this post was magical. Thanks for brightening my morning.

  8. Amanda on 02/06/2013:

    Love the stuff! Your blog is still one of go-to blogs. I check almost every day to see if you have blogged. I miss your posts & hope one day that you will come back to us!

  9. Hannah on 02/06/2013:

    Those keyrings are awesome. Fingers crossed for a day when international shipping isn’t such a ball ache.

    Happy valentines day, Americans. That’s not so much of a thing in the UK, so we get to avoid it mostly. Hurrah!


  10. holly on 02/06/2013:

    Boo. You are loved here in Canada. We have conversations about you. Well, at least amongst those with good taste. And we, the people, are disappointed that you’ve decided not to ship your wares across our frozen tundras.

    P.S. love you and everything you do. Long time.


  11. the brick house on 02/06/2013:

    CAMP LOVES INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Like in a week. I’m sorry. Soon. The costs were all over the place and I couldn’t do it for free…so I’m trying to streamline it (and not screw up horribly).

    Watch me work out kinks and solve problems in real time!

    I love you, other countries.

  12. Austin on 02/06/2013:

    What are the colors on that patterned saltillo pillow? Is that a dusty pink I see in the middle?

  13. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/06/2013:

    Austin – the middle is a natural linen color. The rest is sort of a muted rainbow.

  14. Belle on 02/06/2013:

    You have two bathrooms?!
    Lady, I live in a studio in MN, am unemployed, and there have been days where I do not leave the building due to low temps. Yes, there are people reading blogs. Please post more. You make me laugh.
    Oh, I am now working again, so don’t worry.

  15. Belle on 02/06/2013:

    Congratulations for getting this up. It all looks great!

  16. mary @ B&G JOURNALS on 02/07/2013:

    absolutely so so lovely. love it all and want that keychain. and the daily pill necklace. congrats on your launch, morgan, looks perfectly perfect to me!

  17. Suzy8track on 02/07/2013:

    Lady, there are still plenty of us out there reading blogs! Please post again….I miss ya!

  18. Austin on 02/07/2013:

    Darn! Went back to get that patterned saltillo pillow and it’s sold out. Guessing you don’t have any more of the pattern available?

  19. Ryan on 02/07/2013:

    this post is so good, as they all are. you are awesome.

  20. the brick house on 02/07/2013:

    Austin, yup, that was the only pattern one ever. Only one left of the stripe and then that batch is all gone forevers.

  21. Florian on 02/07/2013:

    “Forever lazy comes with zipper hatches in front and back!”

    Why did you do that? Now I can never get it out of my head again! ARGH!

  22. Zoe Alexander on 02/09/2013:

    Of course ppl read blogs! Infact I was having a good nose around your previous posts too, can relate to the DIY hopuse projects etc. just not enough time in the day/week to do all you want to do. Happy V’s day for 14 Feb!

    Zoe xxx

  23. Fat Cat on 02/11/2013:


    And thanks ever so much for figuring out that major mess that is international shipping costs !

    Ah, fancy Camp keyring here I come…

  24. Melanie Richards on 02/11/2013:

    BEST promo post :]

  25. mary s. on 02/11/2013:

    I just received my Daily Pill necklace and I love it! Great packaging and super-fast shipment. Not sure if you will be having a place to leave feedback on the CAMP site so I thought I would do it here..hope that’s okay?


  26. Julia smith on 02/12/2013:

    It looks fantastic! Thank you for sharing….Interior Designers India

  27. Katia on 02/12/2013:

    I had to say that the web store looks BEA-UTIFUL!!! Easy to navigate, simple layout, everything you need is right there… And that CAMP logo font is just awesome.

  28. Jess on 02/14/2013:

    Cute and tasteful.

  29. Frances on 02/14/2013:

    Lights are sold out. Heartbroken for me, happy for you. They’ll be back soon?

  30. delane on 02/15/2013:

    Wow! Very impressive!

    Me likey!

    water damage restoration Chicago

  31. Shay on 02/18/2013:

    I’m an instant fan of CAMP! I love this.

  32. KMP Modern on 02/18/2013:

    I only saw your post today, so I think I missed the limited sale. But congratulations on your launch. I understand life is crazy and starting a business is even crazier. I am totally sold just on the box and font alone! Beautiful box and just love the items. The daily pill necklace is gorgeous and humorous all in one!

  33. jamie on 02/21/2013:

    i ADORE the camp stuff… never apologize, as i love when you share what you’re doing! the simplicity and clean materials are perfection. more of what we need out there today.

    and btw. LOVE the leather cupboard pulls – i’m totally going to do that in my new rental too! thanks for the inspiration!

    inconsistency rang the horse

  34. Todd on 02/22/2013:

    Got the everyday necklace for the wife. She said it’s the first necklace I ever bought her that she loves. Score! You should make something similar for dudes. Love your aesthetic!

  35. Homes opened on 03/18/2013:

    I like this information mostly i am impressed your this pillow’s.

  36. Laura on 03/28/2013:

    Did a “hint hint” about the everyday necklace, got it for Valentine’s Day, and have received compliments almost daily. I am directing everyone back here. Go CAMP go!

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