House Visit

February 21st, 2011

While I was recently traveling around I stopped by my long time art gallery buddy and old friend Stacy’s place. She and her husband John have been meticulously updating and furnishing their new to them mid century pad and I was psyched to see the tremendous progress they’ve made.

Something I have a deep love for in any home (and is excellent to see in any space) is a big ‘ol incredible art collection. Stacy is heavily involved in the contemporary art world and John has long been an enthusiast and collector. So, as you can imagine, this has equaled a fantastic art filled home. Personally, my favorite kind.

Their new eight month old pupster is a little scruffy muffin butt. She’s incredibly cute and silly, and from what I hear, also an excellent hiker.

Check out that sofa! They grabbed it from Brooks at Specific Merchandise, which is probably one of my favorite retailers around. Specific has these super creative and one of a kind offerings that mix both art and design in all the best ways.

I feel terrible though, they thought I was just stopping by for a friendly visit, but being the design crazy person I am I had to immediately pull out the old camera and take some quick shots. They are so nice for not murdering me for doing so and then going so far as letting me show off their in process digs.

Yes. That chandelier?!

It is insanely insane and amazing. It was custom built by Workstead to fit in the slopping dining space and now I desperately want one.

When I stopped by they were still working on all the exterior bits of the house. They have accomplished a bunch so far, but are still in the planting and finishing touches portion of the landscaping.

While there are still outside areas that are in progress, I was pretty blown away by how things are already shaping up. I can picture how things will finish and fill in and can just tell its such a great comfy space for parties and swimming and music and fire pits. Totally inspiring for our own impending landscaping projects.

Thanks guys for having me over to your place. Can’t wait to come back and see all the progress.

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  1. Nina on 02/21/2011:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. mm on 02/21/2011:

    Oh man, fantastic!

  3. Tim on 02/21/2011:

    What an inspiration. Absolutely gorgeous! love it!

  4. nkp on 02/21/2011:

    Heart pounding. So good. The lighting and the art are mind-blowing.

  5. Ryan on 02/21/2011:

    Awesome looking house. Love some of the art.

  6. Clare Pirie on 02/21/2011:

    Fabulous house….love the text next to the table under the amazing light fitting. Thanks for sharing!

  7. AbbeyH on 02/21/2011:

    The artwork is freaking amazing and I’d die for that couch.

  8. andyjack on 02/21/2011:

    oooooh, wow. that painting in the background with the dots and grid looks AMAZING. and uh, also, whoa, i can’t remember the name of the dude that paints those record albums but he is a BIG DEAL. and i’m sure that’s not the only big deal piece in their collection. NICE!

  9. J&J on 02/21/2011:

    Everything about this house is just amazing. The artwork is incredible.

  10. erin@designcrisis on 02/21/2011:

    Do you have any friends with ugly houses???

    Just wondering.

  11. Anna @ D16 on 02/21/2011:

    Okay, I might as well just give up, because damn…this is perfection. I love EVERYTHING. Everything! Even (or especially) the dog. I’ll take it all. If I ever leave most out West, this is exactly how I want to live.

    Can we talk about the upholstery on that sofa, though? Is that denim with some kind of woven edging on it? I love the double-seamed (red!!) tufting.

    I want it all.

  12. Insanely gorgeous place. Just amazing . . .

  13. Laguna Dirt on 02/21/2011:


  14. Tina S on 02/21/2011:

    Oh wow — that is definitely one of the nicest interiors I’ve seen. I love all the lighting choices…. and the dog! What they are beginning to do with their landscape reminds me of one of my favorite houses here in Santa Barbara, a modern, super-green home on Pedragosa St (pics and details here:

  15. Dan @ Manhattan Nest on 02/21/2011:


  16. Charlotte on 02/21/2011:

    When can I move in???

  17. maya on 02/21/2011:

    J+S house is amazing! its amazing to see some pictures (Finely)..
    The furniture choices are impeccable (that coffee table! that sofa!)
    its so refreshing to see people that actually live with art, art if part pf the house, and is so carefully considered, i wish all houses and art would fuse in this way!
    so much personality!

    miss everyone so much!

  18. Jen@BloggersAbode on 02/21/2011:

    Especially LOVE the front and back yards. Where is this? JT? Palm Springs?

  19. rivka on 02/21/2011:

    O. O. The art, the sofa, the coffee table, oh maaaan. This is all wonderful! Thank you for sharing your amazing friends with your fans!

  20. laure on 02/21/2011:

    basically the greatest thing ever.

  21. Ashley on 02/21/2011:

    Gorgeous house. And really, who doesn’t want a denim sofa? Thanks for sharing, Morgan.

  22. modernhaus on 02/21/2011:

    That sofa looks like Florence Knoll had a baby with Elton John’s 1970s flared jeans…I heard she was loose like that.

    I mean, that’s a GOOD sofa. And the Bird chair is where I’d most like to deposit my butt in all the chair design world.

    That chandelier makes me feel like a trip to the electrical supply store is upcoming…for one or both of us.

  23. modernhaus on 02/21/2011:

    They should name their dog Tiny Dancer.

  24. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/21/2011:

    Andyjack – it’s Dave Muller. Yes, they have some pretty incredible pieces. I didn’t want to get all art snobby and start dropping names. *Cough Cough, Raymond Pettibon, Mindy Shapero, Hannah Greely, Jonas Wood, *Cough Cough. Also my good friend Maya Schindler is representing.

    Anna – that sofa is AMAZING, its denim with red double stitching and the execution is crazy superb. I fell in love.

  25. CAL on 02/21/2011:

    What a beautiful Home. Love everything about it. The Neon Sign is awesome!

  26. Simone on 02/21/2011:

    Do they need someone to housesit in the near future? I’d love to help them out if need be. I’ll even throw in a selfmade artwork.
    But I really can’t imagine anyone with a house like this needing a holiday, ever.

  27. lana on 02/21/2011:

    LOVE Dave Muller’s work.
    The neon piece wouldn’t be a Glenn Ligon, would it…?

  28. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/21/2011:

    Yup yup. Oh wait, I should have asked – but I assumed.

  29. Alison on 02/21/2011:

    love this house. love the sofa. i’m in the market for a new one. thanks for the link to specific!
    also, in the market for another dog so my chocolate lab can have a buddy. LOVE their puppy. is it a shih tzu??

  30. Atley on 02/21/2011:

    What kind of dog is that!?

  31. Anna on 02/21/2011:

    their art collection is radical. beautifully decorated.

  32. Ilissa on 02/21/2011:

    Absolute perfection! Would you happen to know who makes their dining room table?

    p.s. I just discovered your site and it is a tremendously inspiring resource! I love your style! Thank you so much for posting!

  33. Renee on 02/21/2011:

    Gorgeous home! I’m in love with that couch!

  34. bekah on 02/22/2011:

    WTF? They have Eames for their patio chairs?!?

  35. Tyler (plastolux) on 02/22/2011:

    SICK! In the most stupendous way

  36. Logan on 02/22/2011:

    I wanna burn my house down. I really like what they did with the concrete platforms in the yard. That chandelier is brilliant- simple and perfect. God I want that bird chair

  37. Brismod on 02/22/2011:

    What a beautifully curated home! I am very envious. x

  38. bianca of terri planty on 02/22/2011:

    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous home! those two paintings facing each other in the corner are my friend kari upson’s work!! she went to calarts with me. they really have a fabulous collection! that reminds me i need to start trading. but who do i know that makes rad neons? hmmmm.

    p.s. that dog is so cute. did you just want to smoother it with love. i would

  39. Karen on 02/22/2011:

    Do we know where the sofa is from??
    Best sofa I’ve ever seen. Absolutely in love.

  40. Eric on 02/22/2011:

    Love the Workstead lighting. I think you have a thing for black pipe Morgan! How hard could it be to DIY I wonder…


  41. Keisha Kornbread on 02/22/2011:

    WOW!! That is all I can say. WOW!!

  42. Curator on 02/22/2011:

    Seems like everyone has stunning mid-century homes in your neck of the woods.

    I particularly like the reverse pitch roof: Useful and beautiful…the perfect combo.

  43. Tami on 02/22/2011:

    Love how that row of rushes (?) look in the white gravel in front of that back fence. And what kind of trees are those in the back? They’ve got wonderful character (don’t know about the grass tussocks on grid in the front, though). Are your friends planning on installing any art pieces in the landscape? Please go back for more pics when they’re done – that’s shaping up to be a wonderful landscape.

  44. my little apartment on 02/22/2011:

    holy eff, I can’t believe that I’m in love with a DENIM SOFA. the tufting, the frame…omg.

  45. laurenjanelle on 02/22/2011:

    The definitely have found their style and taste. It’s great to see a unique space that you know isn’t a copy of someone else’s place. It’s a great house. I love that it isn’t cluttered with stuff but it’s still really quirky in the things that they chose to display.

  46. Candy Silvasy on 02/22/2011:

    Totally dig that sofa & maybe more that the perky pup matches it! Super Spa Home low maintenance, comfy and stylin’ Candy

  47. Martin on 02/22/2011:

    I need to move to California..
    Houses like these cost a million plus up here, if you can find them.. And even if you can, youd need to dig them out from under 5 feet of snow..

  48. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/22/2011:

    Hey dudes, John just sent some answers to questions:

    1.) yes, the neon is Glenn Ligon

    2.) Blake is a Cockapoo. Her color is blue merle. We got her from:

    3.) The dining table is from Room & Board (94 x 42 in walnut):

  49. Tamoto on 02/22/2011:

    so many questions. please- the pillows on the couch,where are they from??

  50. Ilissa on 02/23/2011:

    Thank you for the dining table manufacturer! You have no idea how long we have been searching! The rise on all other tables from the era seem to be too tight for my 6’2″ boyfriend!

  51. James on 02/23/2011:

    How many sqft is that home? Looks small on the outside but big on the inside.

  52. John on 02/23/2011:

    Thanks for all the great comments. We’ve been having a lot of fun!

    Here are some more answers:

    1.) The pillows on the couch are really superb quality and are available here:

    2.) The house is 2500 sq ft

  53. Lorena on 02/23/2011:

    You could totally build that chandelier in your friend’s house!! In fact I thought of you when I went into a shop around the corner from my house (Toronto) and I found one very similar (but frankly much more beautiful).

    The two ppl who own the shop, make a lot of their wares from found objects. And boy are they amazing–not your regular old arts and crafts. Nice modern, industrial edge to everything they do. Check it out:

  54. pants on 02/23/2011:

    holy chandelier. love it.

  55. Heather on 02/23/2011:

    everything about that house is amazing! there yard is also incredible.

  56. ashby on 02/25/2011:

    love love love! do you by chance know the exterior paint color? thanks!

  57. John on 02/25/2011:

    The house is Field Gray by Pratt & Lambert and the trim is Anthracite, also by Pratt & Lambert.

  58. PigPennies on 02/25/2011:

    Live edge coffee table – that’s one of the most beautiful live edge pieces I’ve ever seen! Where is it from? Custom made?

    Love the entire house SO much.

  59. linda n on 02/26/2011:

    Love it all, so inspired!!!
    I want to renovate…details on the FLOORING PLEASE!!!!

  60. lisa mertins on 02/27/2011:

    wow morgan, you’re stratospherically hip! that glenn ligon’s featured in nyt today…

  61. lisa mertins on 02/27/2011:

    (well, because you’re friends with stacy and 1 degree of separation and all)

  62. Melissa on 02/27/2011:

    Love the TV Stand. Could you please tell me where it is from?

  63. John on 03/01/2011:

    the TV stand is from Crate & Barrel:

    We had thought about turning most of that wall into built-in bookshelves and had set this piece up temporarily, but ended up really liking how understated and functional it is.

  64. Melissa on 03/01/2011:

    Thanks! I think it looks great too.

  65. Jenn on 03/09/2011:

    Gorgeous home!!! The floors are lovely, do you know anything about what material was used?

  66. Audrey on 03/12/2011:

    That coffee table is a dream come true. It made my heart hurt just to look at it and know it isn’t mine.

  67. John on 03/15/2011:

    We looked forever for the right floor after we had a failed attempt at restoring the concrete slab. We wanted to find wood flooring that came close to the color of the concrete slab. Eventually, we found White Ash engineered hardwood flooring stained “Riverbed.” Also, the floor turned out to be very green, which we liked. The company is called Greenwood. Here is some more info:

  68. Jed on 02/07/2012:

    Wow – I just saw this Bertoia Bird on Craigslist popped in the very same back yard! Was thinking of scooping it up 🙂

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