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Not Thrifty!

Friday, March 12th, 2010

I’ve been super grumpy this week – the non-stop rain and the fact that I found nothing on the thrifting rounds equals everything is poopy and stupid.

The main reason for this unwelcome unhappiness was a big tease of an estate sale we hit up on Sunday. I had been traveling around on Friday and Saturday and then happened upon all these pictures Sunday morning on Craigslist advertising 50% OFF at an estate sale about an hour from The Brick House. I didn’t shower. I didn’t put on make-up. I just grabbed my shoes and The Boy and ran over there…

Danish Selig sofa? Check. Price? $750. Uncheck.

Interesting mid century credenza? Check. Missing two knobs and $125. Uncheck.

Vintage Bertoia diamond chair with original yellow cover! CHECK. $75!!! CHECK. One hour too late. UNCHECK.

I drove like a mad person to get over there to grab this chair that was 50% off and had lasted throughout the sale to Sunday (obviously it was waiting for me). I truly, deeply believed it was mine, but apparently another couple picked it up an hour before we arrived. Then stormy rain clouds settled on my brain and I haven’t been able to shake the stench of disappointment off me.

Also, notice that Platner side table? GONE.

I was too cheap and too late to score. I’m still pouting like an adolescent.

Seriously. Not Thrifty!

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Two Magical Beasts.

If only I had a single piece of vinyl, I’d be scratching and popping and locking all night long.

A dusty busty Senorita. Good thing Salvation Army put her by the cash register. You wouldn’t want anyone to walk away with this three foot tall bright red gem.


Not Thrifty!

Friday, January 29th, 2010

This past weekend was a major bust on the thrift store front. There was nothing but junk, not even ONE thing mildly interesting enough to take a picture of. I mean come on, I’m still pimping crap picked up from the weekend before.

Blech. So much HATE for when that happens.

More importantly, what the hell is up with people bringing their dogs to Salvation Army? Little Roxy here was a total cutie, very well behaved and friendly – Iggy would have lost his shit if left off the leash in a crowded store full of things to smell and bark at. But still, this is a weird thrifty trend that seems to manifest at the big red SA.