Seriously. Not Thrifty!

February 10th, 2010

Two Magical Beasts.

If only I had a single piece of vinyl, I’d be scratching and popping and locking all night long.

A dusty busty Senorita. Good thing Salvation Army put her by the cash register. You wouldn’t want anyone to walk away with this three foot tall bright red gem.


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  1. Brismod on 02/10/2010:

    Bloody el nino!

  2. Sarah on 02/10/2010:

    That’s a really nice record player. Seriously, mama, scoop up this shit and put it in your Etsy store.

  3. Penny on 02/10/2010:

    Um. yeah. That record player is worth a few hundred minimal. Much more depending on its condition.

  4. drea on 02/10/2010:

    for reals…that is a super sweet turntable. Snatch that up and start a vinyl collection lady! wax sounds so goood!

  5. Laurie Jones on 02/10/2010:

    Come on what’s not to love when it comes to anything unicorn?!!

  6. LaShaune on 02/10/2010:

    um yeah – need that turntable. I’ll trade you a Garrand for that Techniques.

    Oh those flamenco ladies. Who didn’t have one in their homes growing up. Hell, my mom still has her huge blue one – not sure what happened to the matador though

  7. THE BRICK HOUSE on 02/10/2010:

    I guess the turntable is a winner…did I forget to mention that there were TWO of them.

  8. Sarah on 02/10/2010:

    Did you really have to turn the knife like that?

  9. Callista on 02/10/2010:

    I would have totally taken that Unicorn! That’s awesome.

  10. Conan on 02/11/2010:

    I would think the whole reason one would buy a Dennis Miller doll would be because it wouldn’t talk.

  11. Aimee on 02/11/2010:

    I would have snapped up the unicorn.
    Rainbows, unicorns and sewing? A sure fire win.

  12. melissa on 02/11/2010:

    spent months trying to find a turntable at a thrift store in OC, eventually ended up ordering a new Crosley one that’s had to be sent back to the manufacturer twice! SIGH!

  13. Chris on 03/02/2012:

    I don’t believe it! My nan had that EXACT same doll in her house when I was growing up.
    I lived in England, and would have never expected that doll to be an internationally sold thing. Why would there be several people that wanted to buy it?! =P

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