Not Thrifty!

January 29th, 2010

This past weekend was a major bust on the thrift store front. There was nothing but junk, not even ONE thing mildly interesting enough to take a picture of. I mean come on, I’m still pimping crap picked up from the weekend before.

Blech. So much HATE for when that happens.

More importantly, what the hell is up with people bringing their dogs to Salvation Army? Little Roxy here was a total cutie, very well behaved and friendly – Iggy would have lost his shit if left off the leash in a crowded store full of things to smell and bark at. But still, this is a weird thrifty trend that seems to manifest at the big red SA.

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  1. Fat Cat on 01/29/2010:

    Oooooh what sweetie !!!! Ever since Scully in the third season of the X-Files had one of these, I wanted to get one… Do you know what kind of dog that is ?

  2. megan on 01/29/2010:

    Must be an international thing because here in Canada people bring their dogs to all the thrift stores.

  3. Sarah on 01/29/2010:

    The last time I went thrifting, someone brought their parrot.

  4. House Hunting in Paris on 01/29/2010:

    In my hometown it’s Goodwill that seems to attract all the animals for some reason (dogs, cats, birds, you name it) and the salespeople are always tolerant. Here in France…well I bring my dog almost everywhere except museums and movies. The bank, the post office, grocery shopping, restaurants, department stores, bars – dogs are welcome practically everywhere.

  5. THE BRICK HOUSE on 01/29/2010:

    It’s a Pomeranian.

    I wish Iggy was as calm and controlled as this little fur ball. I’d bring him to more places like the SA, but he’s so curious and full of energy he wants to roam the whole thing and smell it instead of sitting quietly while I shop.

  6. kristina on 01/29/2010:

    we have two chihuahuas that are assholes. we can’t take them anywhere, so i’m extremely jealous.

  7. Allison on 01/29/2010:

    Yet another set of photos that has me thinking you’re participating in some sort of artistic installation or performance piece and not just shopping. The look on that guy’s face…

    My trips to the thrift stores are never this interesting.

  8. youhavebeenheresometime on 01/29/2010:

    you need a book! these photos are priceless!

  9. UNI on 01/29/2010:

    so Bukowski IS alive!

  10. Christina Diaz on 01/29/2010:

    that little dog is a pretty cute poofball!!

  11. amy t on 01/29/2010:

    “listen chuck, i need you to take princess today…and try to pick up some stuff for the new place ok?”

  12. Amy on 01/30/2010:

    dog = cute

    not so much with the dude and his unbuttoned shirt…

  13. Belinda Gomez on 01/30/2010:

    Lots of people in CA are able to get their pets certified as service animals.

  14. urban flea on 02/01/2010:

    yeah, that’s a bit strange, but hey, it is a cute dog… hope you have a great week!

    xo urban flea 🙂

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