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Color Quiz

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009


Thanks to Alek at From the Right Bank to the Left Coast I took the COLOR QUIZ.

Now I’ll never be the same.
And YES, you should try it out.

I’m posting it here for posterity…so I can screen all my future dates, friends and family. We put the psycho in psychology!


Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

love love lovvee lovvvvve love love LOVE.

Quite possibly the first house tour that NAILS the exact style I’d love to somehow accomplish on my minuscule budget. The depressing thing about the article is they list the prices for everything the couple picked up on ebay and 1st Dibs. And yes the costs are outrageous for us normal folks – but I guess “Low-Maintenance Living” for the fabulous.

F*cking rich people.

“We didn’t want to come to a getaway home for a weekend away and have to worry about nicks and scratches,” he added. “We wanted something compact, efficient and casual.”

Casual at $700,000 for a “getaway house” with a $1,300 Hermès blanket and $3,500 wall sconce. Ugh. Casual my ass.

I COVET this house and the expensive vintage objects inside it. Poor people can imagine their rich life so readily – and I can acutely imagine myself partying down there, totally unconcerned about the $5,000 floor lamp.


Saturday, July 25th, 2009


1960’s Swedish chairs in original navy leather? Oh YES, please sign me up. How much do you think they might be? Ten’s of dollars? Because thats my budget.

A girl can dream. I’m so loving navy blue right now.

Look-y what else they have! In BRASS no less.

It’s like heaven – within driving distance! Hot damn.

*Thanks to evelena for the awesome find.