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Monday, May 10th, 2010

Thanks to a tip from Melissa awhile back we decided to go ahead and commit to finally painting the house. That nasty primer white is going the way of the dinosaurs only after a year and a half of hemming and hawing over color choices. There is no going back now that we have 25 gallons of Amazon Whipped White in a semi-gloss finish.

What’s Amazon paint? Well…

“Amazon uses leftover latex paint to manufacture recycled content paint that is comparable in quality to virgin paint sold by national manufacturers. Amazon Select® recycled content paint is available in 12 pre-mixed colors, is environmentally preferable to virgin paints, and carries both the Green Seal and Master Painters Institute stamp of approval.”

We spent $240 (Thats about $40 for each five gallon bucket!) on the paint and another $40 at Home Depot on some better brushes, extra rough nap rollers, pans and all the fixings to paint this brick beast up. I am all about being “green” or whatever by recycling and reusing if the price is right and the quality is good. Amazon has really delivered; it’s such great paint!

The color is a little warmer than a true bright white (you can see on the difference on the back of the side wall where it’s still primer) but I think it works wonderfully with the redwood and isn’t as blindingly white as a pure white. It rolls on really well compared to the thin crappy primer plus I really love the finish – I’m ecstatic!

We spent most of mothers day painting and got about 1/4 of the house done. I think once all the prep is finished we could bust out most everything in a week of long days. There is still a ways to go with fixing the fascia as well as painting the stucco underneath the eaves (which is a bitch) but hopefully we can get it all finished before the desert heat kicks in.

I’m covered in paint! 2010 Year of the Exterior is progressing along nicely.

House Visit

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

While in San Diego for Mod Swap the fabulous folks from Le Boeuf invited us to come over and check out their modern remodel.


This place has had a full blown transformation in a few short months with a number of projects still in the works. It is incredibly well edited, thoughtful and uses thrifty tricks and finishes to pull together a pad that screams high end while making use of a lot of DIY. They make the most of this 850 sq. ft cube of modern, highlighting amazing views and a great exterior entertaining space – which in beach side SD it must be a city ordinance that you are just required to take advantage of and enjoy.

Of course I love their Lindsey Adelman You Make It chandelier and that gorgeous dining table? Just another project they tackled themselves. Love it. Oh, and those floors? They are the exact same vintage white oak hardwood floors that we have here at TBH, but the whitewashed matte finish was stunning and makes me Hulk angry at my yellow bastard of a floor.

They were incredibly gracious, showed us around and answered all my questions about those nitty gritty construction details I’m always curious about while letting me snap snap snap away with the camera. Justin is like the sourcing king of dent and ding, ebay, ikea, craigslist, remnants and returns – if someones got what he needs he will find it for a deal.

Plastolux did a great post about the project (with lots of before and after pictures) in which Justin addresses the issues faced during the remodel process.

Check out the blog for all the details and to see whats to come. I bet it’s going to be motherfucking radpants.

House Tour

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Oops – looks like we got ourselves a house tour on Apartment Therapy.

There is a little funkiness with the sideshow, so click to view thumbnails and all the images should appear.