May 10th, 2010

Thanks to a tip from Melissa awhile back we decided to go ahead and commit to finally painting the house. That nasty primer white is going the way of the dinosaurs only after a year and a half of hemming and hawing over color choices. There is no going back now that we have 25 gallons of Amazon Whipped White in a semi-gloss finish.

What’s Amazon paint? Well…

“Amazon uses leftover latex paint to manufacture recycled content paint that is comparable in quality to virgin paint sold by national manufacturers. Amazon Select® recycled content paint is available in 12 pre-mixed colors, is environmentally preferable to virgin paints, and carries both the Green Seal and Master Painters Institute stamp of approval.”

We spent $240 (Thats about $40 for each five gallon bucket!) on the paint and another $40 at Home Depot on some better brushes, extra rough nap rollers, pans and all the fixings to paint this brick beast up. I am all about being “green” or whatever by recycling and reusing if the price is right and the quality is good. Amazon has really delivered; it’s such great paint!

The color is a little warmer than a true bright white (you can see on the difference on the back of the side wall where it’s still primer) but I think it works wonderfully with the redwood and isn’t as blindingly white as a pure white. It rolls on really well compared to the thin crappy primer plus I really love the finish – I’m ecstatic!

We spent most of mothers day painting and got about 1/4 of the house done. I think once all the prep is finished we could bust out most everything in a week of long days. There is still a ways to go with fixing the fascia as well as painting the stucco underneath the eaves (which is a bitch) but hopefully we can get it all finished before the desert heat kicks in.

I’m covered in paint! 2010 Year of the Exterior is progressing along nicely.

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  1. Brismod on 05/10/2010:

    Melissa gave you a fantastic tip. I can’t believe you’ll be able to paint your entire house so cheaply. Anyway, it will look great.

  2. Tonia on 05/10/2010:

    Looking good! and at a great price too. Makes me want to get out and paint my house. hummmmm I’m thinking

  3. bdog on 05/10/2010:

    I’ve been reading and watching the progress, fantastic. You have a great sense of space, design and ability to nail the perfect thrify item.

    The paint looks great. Hopefully any future sustainable challenges can be overcome, “…
    I am all about being “green” or whatever by recycling and reusing if the price is right and the quality is good. …”

  4. Tonia on 05/10/2010:

    PS. I love the ‘slat wall’ in the front.

  5. Anna @ D16 on 05/10/2010:

    Yay! You must be so excited to finally be getting paint up on there. I’d never heard of Amazon paint before, but that sounds like a great resource…what a price!!

  6. ModFruGal on 05/10/2010:

    Wow…I hadn’t heard of Amazon either…great find…congrats…it’s going to be rad.

  7. S@sha on 05/10/2010:

    The slat screen does look great, as always I’m impressed by your determination. Did the desert heat have anything to do with your decision to paint the house white?

    I drove through Hemet a couple weekends ago on the way to Palm Desert, and it was a lot cuter than I expected based on your comments. I’m kind of a fan of the funky though, and I was only on one road– Hwy 76 (or 79?). We stopped at an In & Out Burger and definitely noticed a different style amongst the teenagers there than elsewhere we had been– bigger hair and way more eyeliner. On the way out of town the smell of orange blossoms hit our car with full force, and it definitely left a favorable impression. Not saying I’d want to live there, just better than I expected!

  8. melissa on 05/10/2010:

    i’m so glad you like it! amazon is totally one of those things that i would think someone was shitting me about if i hadn’t used it myself first. seems too good to be true.

    it looks really fantastic. such a perfect warm white.

  9. pianoarthur on 05/10/2010:

    Wasn’t it Melissa that first suggested that you spend the tax money on a TV because, “You spend everything you’ve got on the house– you deserve a nice TV!” ??
    Nice to see that you went with Melissa #2 though, because that really is a nice warm white. Not as blue as the original house color.

  10. pianoarthur on 05/10/2010:

    what’s with the dark stucco under the eaves? Did you two paint it that color?

  11. Jeanne on 05/10/2010:

    What an incredible feeling to already be done with a quarter of the house! And to think, in just another week, you’ll be done. Congratulations!

    I’m in the process of buying my first house and have looked to your blog on many, many occasions for ideas, inspiration or just motivation! I can’t wait to see how the paint turns out.

  12. THE BRICK HOUSE on 05/10/2010:

    We eventually just went with white because of the heat, and I liked the way i looked out in Palm Springs with desert landscaping. Simple and unoffensive for potential eventual buyers.

    The stucco has always just been that color. I don’t think it was ever painted, so we are just going to paint it up white. Everything white!

  13. Coletta on 05/10/2010:

    what a great price on paint.
    where do you buy it from?

  14. Suzy8track on 05/11/2010:

    Looks great! I never heard of Amazon Paint, but sounds like such a great deal!

  15. Summer on 05/11/2010:

    Your productivity is dumfounding, as usual. How much Red Bull would you say you consume in a day????

  16. Amy on 05/11/2010:

    I love it! Thanks for sharing about amazon paint.

    love the wood!

  17. Niamh Dowling on 05/13/2010:

    Good work Brick House! The thoughts of all the work you guys put into your gorgeous house makes me wanna take a nap. Your house is so beautiful, you can tell a lot of love and effort has gone into the place! The wooden porch to the front has really ramped up the aesthetics and the painting too. It looks like it will be magnificent when its all done! I love reading and ogling all your plans for the place and then seeing the finished result! Thanks for posting, makes me wanna get up off my lazy ass and get painting my house. I just needed the impetus.. cheers : )

  18. iv on 05/13/2010:

    Do you have any plans for the roof?

    Cedar shingles would match nicely with the slats, perhaps not exactly mid-century, but scandinavian:

    And how about replacing the downspouts with plain rain chains, modern minimalist style?

    If anybody could pull them off, it’s you guys

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