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Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Blake Dollahite. Yum.

Yeah. Perfect. Landscape.

These are the sort of details and elements I want to incorporate in our upcoming landscaping project. Oh man. Love love love this.

I have got to learn how to weld, identify plants and be awesome at landscape design.

Shipping container pool

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

What?!?! How to build your own! I am all over this idea.

Like this:


Yummm. Yes please.

Or you could do it like the hipsters do and DIY it with some plastic and dumpsters.



I know it’s getting to be winter time and such, but I really want a pool. It’s too f*ing hot out here in the desert to go another summer without delicious swim time. Build it during the cool bit and then fun all around when the temperature rises…

I have the perfect narrow bit of land on the side of the house just aching for a shipping container/dumpster pool.


Tuesday, June 16th, 2009


Less ghetto.

We are almost finished priming the house. ALMOST.

Its been about three months of just patching and priming…we haven’t started putting the real exterior paint on. I think in about a year we will have the house mostly painted.

I worked today weeding, patching and priming the big front planter. I’m trying to decide on how to landscape the newly cleaned up beauty. I think we are putting gravel or river rock as a base and then possibly barrel cactus / agave / flax (I really don’t know what yet) in a really modern repetitive line. I dream of a wall of papyrus or maybe a nicely trimmed horsetail reed wall…but those SUCK UP water like crazy, so they are a no no. I saw some AWESOME kangaroo paw at the nursery that I definitely want to go somewhere…they may be an option.

We should probably build the horizontal cedar privacy screen on the front porch and finish painting before breaking out the live plants that would most likely die from neglect and weeds.

So I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath to see greenery. We can’t seem to finish anything lately. *Remember the pink bathroom? Oh yeah, that project is pretty much stalled indefinitely. Poop.

I’m going to change this blog to The Ghetto House.