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Palm Springs Voyeur

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

To get inspired and out of my self indulgent little burnt out funk I drove around Palm Springs checking out mid century exteriors and landscapes.

I know its a tad creepy.

I felt a little like a skeezy voyeur sneaking around slyly snapping shots of peoples houses.

The main thing featured at most places was rock – LOTS of rock. Xeriscape is what the fancy eco peeps call it…I think. Or hardscape? Well, whatever it is – decomposed granite, pebbles, river rock, boulders – its all the rage in this desert climate.

I do like the hedge of horsetail along the front of the above house. The darker green really pops against the exterior colors and creates a nice feeling of architecture against the rolling rock hill. Those grassy bushes are fluffy and nice, but a little randomly placed. KILLER giant cactus though.

LOVE the privacy block with the bright yellow door popping out…not much landscaping to speak of. But love, love, love the white and yellow combo.

This house was RAD. I wish I could have gotten some better shots but this giant truck was parked right in front of the place blocking the best angle. I love the exterior color combo of a pale gray/white and dark gray trim and black accents. The interior walkway had 4 ceiling fans going which was NUTS. I would love to see the interior of this place.

And the frosted garage door! What?? Awesome, but a little weird when you can see the cars. If it was empty and lite up, I bet it would be stunning.

Again more rock. More bushy things. Palm trees everywhere.

I really like these low round cactus’s lining the driveway. I saw a lot of these used around town and think its a great solution for the arid climate. The repetition, sculptural shape and minimal treatment of light gray rocks defining the planting bed is just the kind of modern look I would like to focus on.

Ahhhhhhhh, Palm Springs.

I love you.

Black thumbs and old new agers.

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

The side yard is just a tab bit overgrown. I always imagined a glamorous lap pool here instead of landscaping, but maybe with the worldwide economic poopy time I might start a victory garden.

I really hate gardening…something about the dirt and bugs gives my neaty freak pants the chills. I don’t like plants and over and over again they have proved that they hate me. Somehow though, these pretty purple flowers sprang out of the muck and weeds in this hot desert.

To celebrate I immediately destroyed them. Now they look pretty in the bedroom.

, I popped my cherry – its my first floral arrangement. I wonder if they make a card for that.

Ground cover…and the Santa Anas

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Economic times are pretty bad and the Brick House is falling apart…no money and mo’ problems.

Hello cheap mulch!

I cleaned up the grapefruit tree and spread out a few 3 dollar bags of “decorative ground cover”. The next morning a massive wind hit So Cal and the Santa Anas ruined my pretty new bark bits as well as…

They huffed and puffed and blew down the fence! Oh my.

Before…bad shape yes, but after – hello neighbors.

Well times are assuredly tough, my city is THE premiere REO capital, and the neighbors just lost their house last week. That gray and white house is vacant – so at least no awkward conversation about the ghetto roped together fence and new gaping hole.

I searched around for some quotes for a new fence and the cheapest bid was $3000. YES $3000 for 108 feet.
Even DIY is going to cost around $1000 in materials if I use the cheapest pre-made wood fence sections at the Home Depot.


I’m at a loss for cheap ideas or solutions. I guess we are going to have a lovely view of the vacant house next door for some time to come.

Damn you Brick House.