Shipping container pool

October 2nd, 2009

What?!?! How to build your own! I am all over this idea.

Like this:


Yummm. Yes please.

Or you could do it like the hipsters do and DIY it with some plastic and dumpsters.



I know it’s getting to be winter time and such, but I really want a pool. It’s too f*ing hot out here in the desert to go another summer without delicious swim time. Build it during the cool bit and then fun all around when the temperature rises…

I have the perfect narrow bit of land on the side of the house just aching for a shipping container/dumpster pool.

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  1. Alison on 10/02/2009:

    do it! if i lived closer, i'd help with manual labor. i'm so obsessed with shippping containers.

  2. Katie on 10/02/2009:

    huh, i thought i was the only one with a thing for shipping containers 🙂 you should make a shipping container/dumpster pool!

  3. jamie on 10/02/2009:

    ha! look at all of us and out shipping container things. a model for a converted shipping containers is one of the few models i made in school that i held on to 🙂
    you really, really deserve a pool for living in the desert, where you do. srsyl. do this.

  4. Juli on 10/02/2009:

    so weird how shipping containers have become all the rage. homes, cottages, now pools. what next?

  5. Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog on 10/02/2009:

    I feel like every architectural home tour I go on lately has long narrow pools… I’m loving them!

  6. carrie @ brick city love on 10/02/2009:

    I'm so into the shipping container idea. Before we bought our rowhome, we priced out buying land and building our own shipping container house. Maybe next time 'round.

  7. david john on 10/02/2009:

    yes to the shipping container! such a cool idea. these shots are beautiful too. i wonder how you clean them?

  8. April on 10/02/2009:

    I have really been coveting some kind of pool (heck, even a large bathtub) lately, so this is seeming almost perfect. but, how to convince my husband!?

  9. My Farmhouse Kitchen on 10/02/2009:

    Count me in on the shipping containers, dear ones.

    Love this idea…and I have a spot…..hmmmmm

  10. krisel keeper on 10/03/2009:

    OMG I"ve never seen this before! I love it! We have a pool and I gotta say I can't say enough about what a relief it is to have a pool in the Valley/dessert in the summer. And in the winter its just beautiful to look at. I love water.

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