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Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

I’ve been fiddling around with the bookcases in the living room trying to make them look curated, interesting and uncluttered. I haven’t totally succeeded, but at least my little black horses found a place.

Sometimes I dream of simple things made of plywood.

(all over)

(all the way)

(all Judd)

(all paint)

(all Aalto)

I’m wanting to find inspiration to take my lil’ bookcases to the next level. They’re bothering me but I can’t put my finger on WHY. I’ve had no satisfaction with any one interior arrangement since the bookcases were built. Maybe it might be the physical structure that is the true issue.

I want it cleaner, neater…better.

Paint inside? Plywood doors? Something…something…something…

Obviously this bookcase thing is an EXTREME pressing issue at the Brick House. No no no, its not the lack of a driveway, or absence of landscaping, or missing exterior door hardware, or a half painted house, or the unfinished bathroom, or giant holes in the walls that need to be patched. No, obviously we should work on the already finished bookcase. No wonder the Boy thinks I’m nuts.

The stupid bookcase thing has really gotten me crazy obsessing and I kind of feel like it could be a very simple solution…unlike rewiring the bathroom.



Friday, June 26th, 2009

(via le blog)

I think I can totally get on board with this gold Eames chair. Maybe it would need a different base – like just a simple black h-base instead of the fussy dowel legs. A set of six would be awesome around a dining table. Just the idea of a set of gold Eames chairs is kind of hilarious…but runs the risk of being a little too post-modern cheeky.

Screw it, its fabulous. Lets make a funky fantasy dining room with expensive crap on 1st dibs.

Holler, its a mood board! I’m calling it,

(PO-MO = Post Modern)

Here’s all I need to make it happen.

Orange Lacquered Dining Table
1960’S Glass & chrome pendant modern chandlier
Frank Stella Rug
Rosewood buffet by Alain Richard
C. Jere Architectural Brass Table Lamp With Brass Shade
Set of 8 Bavarian White Ceramic Studio Vases
Sporting Horse Oil Painting

Oh man, money makes everything more fun…

Minimal Lights

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

(via Remodelista)

I’m loving minimal industrial looking lights. I love the big wall mounted pendant over that lllooonnnngggg table and the plain-jane socket lights in the bathroom.

The Ace Hotel had similar pared down lights all over. I guess I am now officially obsessed with the Ace – oh and by default Commune Design.

(via Commune Design, I love you)

Seriously, who do I have to blow to get a job at Commune?