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Guest Bedroom Inspiration

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Don’t mind all this, just trying to decide which way to go decor-wise with the guest bedroom.

You’ve seen these pics around before – I know, I know. I was just going through my DESIGN! folder and pulling some of the bedrooms that jumped out at me. Apologies for the lack of links, I’m woefully unorganized.

I think this time we might try and “design” the guest bedroom ahead of time instead of just winging it and throwing shiz together, hoping it works out – remember the master bedroom debacle? (“design” means a pathetic attempt at a mood board and all those annoying designy trimmings). I have a feeling there might be a dark paint color going up on the walls. Navy or black perchance?

Color. So Very Scary.

The Horror.

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Some peeps around this house finally got going on the big guest bedroom rehab project this weekend. Yes, after only two years we came up with a plan to fix the plaster that had fallen off that wall.

Back story on this wall: There was a crack (see all the dark marks – you could see daylight through them, which is not a good sign for an exterior wall), water weeped in though those holes and popped most of the plaster off, we removed the rest of the water damaged crumbly plaster and fixed the cracks and sealed the exterior masonry. There is NO lathe on the wall – just an inch of plaster troweled directly onto the cement, which is so annoying. We cannot leave it plain cement, which has been suggested many times…I won’t go into all the reasons why, just trust me.

We had three plaster/drywall guys come and quote to have it fixed. Their quotes ranged from $1500 to $600 to re-plaster or float drywall over the cement brick. NO. No f*ing way. DIY is the way we are choosing to go. Hopefully it all works out.

I’ll let you know.

Apologies to all of the guests who have had to stay in that cesspit of a bedroom. We only have two bedrooms – so the guest bedroom became the default catchall room for overflow. Most of the excess that has been floating in there got moved into the living room for now…yikes. Where are we going to put all this stuff? Ugh.

Maybe its high time to update the etsy store.

Sorry for the ugly pictures and all these words, words, words. With a little luck we can start decorating the guest bedroom soon. Then pretty pics and much decorating turmoil will ensue…