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Once you go black…

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

We’re still finishing it all up, but that wall is definitely black.

I smell decorating brewing and it smells mmm mmm musty. Like a thrift store…

Faux Brick

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009



(In progress with wood patch and Drylok paint)


The Boy ended up resolving the large mailbox hole issue by inserting and affixing a large chunk of wood in the hole and painting it with Drylok. Then he hand sculpted a faux brick (with mortar lines and everything) out of cement patch.

Now we just need to seal it with our exterior mortar sealer / primer and paint the entire exterior of the house. But first we have to decide on an exterior color.

He also drywalled and mudded the interior wall to close that big scary gap. Hooray! It’s a solid wall again.

BTW: It’s already painted. (As is most of the guest bedroom)…oh no, the suspense…

Black Bedroom Accent Wall

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

OK, I still subscribe to my weird moratorium on accent walls. I just hate them. It’s not reasonable, it’s not intellectual, it’s not a personal thing against your accent wall, it’s just a gut-hatred kind of thing I can’t explain. The one and only accent wall color I will allow in the house is black (or maybe a great gray, which – come on, is really just a light black).

I keep fussing over the guest bedroom as we get ready to paint it and I think we may have to go with a glossy black accent wall behind the headboard. I’m having commitment issues with painting the whole small room really super dark, but I love the idea of just a touch deep shiny black for that WOW dramatic contrast thing when you turn the corner into the bedroom.

This may all go horribly awry.