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Pink Lady

Monday, June 30th, 2008

I’ve been a bit stuck for inspiration when it comes to the pink bathroom. I like the tile, but hate the built-in vanity and closet, medicine cabinet and all the old (not vintage in a good way) lights. All are in pretty rough shape and not very stylish. So how do you decorate a small vintage pink and black bathroom? You know, but with mid century flair

I saw the above pic posted at RetroRenovation of a makeover that Real Simple magazine did. Its OK but feels a little Golden Girls to me…

via: Design*Sponge, Apartment Therapy

Kind of yummy. Maybe I should just go crazy girly and do a kitschy pink feminine kind of thing

via:Flickr and Flickr

I just want to avoid stuff like this as much as possible…

Bad remodeling and cheap Home Depot updating drive me crazy! Damn you HGTV…thats just UGLY.

OK, what should I do with this pink lady – any ideas?


Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Decorating in the master bedroom is moving along.

We bought some plants and they really liven up the place. I also hung some different art, added a mirror and a vintage “squirrel sitting on a nut” ceramic container to hide all the little bits of change, bric-a-brac, and trash the Boy seems to accumulate everyday. Get it! Hes squirreling it away…shoot me in the face.

Here’s little Iggy trying to camera hog, what a diva. Also, this is one of my favorite planters that I bought at the Veterans Thrift out in Covina. Its big and white and has a round teak foot on the bottom so it kind of floats. Perfect for whatever that plant is called…it just says tropical foliage on the sticker. My mom calls it “Mother-in-Laws Tongue“, does anyone know the proper name?

I have the bedding BLAHS and need something to make the bed stand out and be more of a focal point. I’m bad at bedding. Like REALLY bad. Plus I’m cheap.

So I saw two sets at Target that I kind of liked:

Sami Hayek

I saw this set yesterday, and though it looks awful paired with the pink sheets in the photo, I really dug the charcoal gray with embroidered tan circles. I think with all white bedding (or maybe a pale yellow) with the coverlet at the end of the bed and matching shams could look nice. At $69.99 for the set, its not to bad price wise and the dark color wouldn’t show as much filth.

Dwell Studio

I LOVE Dwell studio stuff. Its so expensive I can never afford to even look. Luckily they did a line for Target, and this is the duvet set that I really responded to. At $89.99 for the set though it seems pricey for a duvet. I’m also a little worried that I would destroy the white, and since I can’t bleach the crap out of it, it might look shabby in a few months.

Anyone have any great bedding ideas? Something fabulous and cheap that would match whats happening in the rest of the boudoir?

Also – bed frame or headboard ideas? I hate beds.

I’m going to Vegas this weekend for my b-day. Besides all the hookers and coke, maybe I will find some inspiration at Mamma Mia…and you know I’ll be thrifting like crazy.

Dwell vs. Amy Butler

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Escrow is moving along smoothly. I’m patiently waiting and fantasizing about the madness
that will ensue once they fork over the keys. Big plans are a brewing.

This is my bedroom fantasy…

I know there are less naked hookers than one might have imagined, but that color palette turns me on!
This whole bed set is courtesy of Dwell – those saucy little teases.

The main issue is cost. Theres just no f*ing way I’m forking over a $1000 for bedding. That kind of cash
should go to needy hookers and my bookie.

So for the past year I’ve been scouring the internet and beyond for that perfect yellow coverlet (since the
QUILTED SAFFRON BED COVERLET of my dreams is $348).

I saw this lovely quilt via Design Sponge from ETSY seller Loft Creations. It was already sold (only $175)
…so thats looking a little more affordable.

I’m a fan of Amy Butlers fabrics in small doses. Maybe a nice coverlet made of the Lotus Wall Flower Grey or
just the Lotus Full Moon Polka Dot Yellow could add that splash of yellow. At only $8.98 per yard, this might
be a nice little DIY quilted coverlet project. Heres a link with info for beginning quilters.