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Los Angeles Times – LA Land Blog

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Thanks to Peter over at the Los Angeles Times L.A. Land Blog for mentioning the Brick House!

Apartment Therapy

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Holla! The fine bloggers over at Apartment Therapy LA gave me a wicked awesome shout out.

Many thanks to them. Apartment Therapy is pretty much a daily read for me…so I feel pretty rad.

Links to things I will copy…

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

Instead of completing the currently started and then stalemated house projects, I’ve been looking around for some inspiration and tutorials for new projects to begin and then give up on…

Hungarian Bookshelves!

Corey over at Baltimore Rowhouse built these amazing Hungarian Shelves. Just be dammed you talented bastard, flaunting your skills, making me jealous.

Where have these been all my life ? I LOVE them. I want to build a set in my living room on the far wall by the front door and then paint them shiny white. Afterwards I can finally pull all my books out of their boxes in the guest bedroom and make them all prettified. I’ve got bric-a-brac galore that needs a home…

Another steal worthy idea and project….

Horizontal Fence!

Jim over at Moderncraft made this fence. Damn you Mr. Cool Fence Jim, making me feel all bad about my house.

WOW! I’m in love with horizontal slat fences – especially with those sexy modern house numbers. Sign me up to replace the two front fences that flank the Brick House with something like that.

DAMN…now I’m itching to start a few projects. Time, tools, know how, and money are in short supply – but by the power of Grey Skull I will make it so!