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Hemet Landscaping

Monday, February 8th, 2010

The Boy kept going on and on about this house landscaped with a huge Chevy bow tie fence sculpture. Well, that meant like nothing to me so he took me by this Hemet landmark and finally I understand!

Nothing says Hemet like a 12 foot Chevy logo installed in your front yard.


Friday, January 22nd, 2010

This is California dammit. Stop having weather.

Every day I commute from the desert valley to the mountain range above. When there is extreme weather like we’ve been having this week, it makes mountain driving super annoying and dangerous. The only plus side is that this is the prettiest time of the year for my commute (yup, those pics are from my drive home) and we get all that much needed moisture to make the plants happy.

Folks with real snow, I don’t know how you do it. We get a few feet and I’m ready to throw in the towel and totally wander into the wilderness to die. We’ve got tornado warnings in Hemet on the plus side. Say what!

Not Thrifty! Hemet Edition

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010


For Part 1 of The Amazing Hemet Tour I wanted to showcase some of the local thrift stores I frequent, beginning with the thrifty tease of the Assistance League Thrift Store.

Closest to the Brick House, this store is only open a short portion of the year with very limited hours. Good for clothes, jewelry and some small kitchen stuff the pricing is spectacularly low and the local women who run it are always colorfully and totally spaced out.

They also hoard a secret treasure in the back room – a vintage Herman Miller rosewood conference table with those pretty swag legs. Believe me, I’ve offered to take it off their hands a number of times, but unfortunately they use it to sort clothes. Sadly it’s NFS.


Another place I check out on my rounds is the Hemet Hospice Store. I’ve found some rad stuff here and they have a whole separate furniture warehouse down the street.

Yeah, I didn’t grab this signed Indiana Jones poster for how much? $100 – YIKES.


Salvation Army. Love. Love. Love.

They had this rad Realistic Concertmate thingy but not much else. It’s a huge store but can be hit or miss.


Angel View is a delight. My one and only go-to for finding awesome crap. As always on this slow thrifting day they delivered a few treats.


Plaid chair? Cool. Surprised owl in landscape painting? Rad. Together? The coolest lodgiest look you could hope for.


CRAZY wicker green lamps. I could totally imagine these looking very chic in a particular kind of interior. Maybe with this:


Now these 70’s chrome and glass shelves called my name. Ohhhh how I’m pining for them right now. I have nowhere to put them and at $129.99 each, I wasn’t willing to dish out the $260 it would cost. Angel View is really jacking up prices lately.

These bottom places aren’t thrift stores. These are a couple of vintage shops just outside of town that I like to visit. Mostly full of junk they had a few surprises…


For TWO YEARS I’ve been watching this crazy ass Diana Ross painting.

I want it.
I need it.
I love it.

BUT at $750 it’s nowhere close to coming home with me. I’ve pleaded and begged but still after all this time the owners are very assured of its worth.

Maybe in two more years I can talk them down.


Here is a new little booth that was a big surprise. Modernism! It was like a ray of sunshine amongst all the terrible turn of the century doldrums scattered in this antique store.


These speakers are kick ass, and I wish I had a spot worthy of them. Also, I loved this coffee table – a big thick chunk of wood on an Eames LTR base? LOVE it. I just didn’t love the price of around $400.

This little booth makes me want to open up my own little consignment space. Maybe 2010 is the Year of Dealing. Furniture that is…